In light of a shocking new poll that revealed most moms felt shame about how they fed their babies, Tommee Tippee released a powerful new ad to destigmatize infant feeding.

The ad is part of “The Boob Life” campaign, which is about celebrating motherhood and how we feed our children.

It features real-life moms feeding their babies. The families are shown breastfeeding, pumping, and bottle-feeding. The point of the ad is simple: however you choose to feed your baby is right, mama.


The company was inspired to create the honest ad after a global poll revealed that 82% of mothers experienced shame for how they chose to feed their babies, and more than a third reported they felt ashamed when switching from breastmilk to formula.

Moms overwhelmingly believe that breastfeeding needs to be normalized in society (88%), and a whopping 93% of moms say we need to have more conversations about feeding and breastfeeding in general.

Nearly half of all women surveyed believe the saying ‘Breast is Best’ makes women feel bad if they can’t breastfeed, and 42% say it puts pressure on women.

“It is shocking how many moms experience shame and embarrassment when they are breastfeeding,” said Sharon Swan, Head of Brand Marketing for Tommee Tippee North America.

“It is our hope that this video sparks more conversations around normalizing feeding moments, putting mom in the center. It’s more important than ever that we don’t lose sight of mom after the baby has arrived and we encourage real conversations about motherhood so all moms feel empowered no matter how, when, and where they choose to feed their child. And whatever decision mom makes, Tommee Tippee is here to support her.”

That’s why this ad is so important.

Yes, it shows real moms breastfeeding their babies—something we don’t see or talk about enough.

But it also shows moms pumping and feeding their babies by bottle. The company also included a mother with visible scars from a double mastectomy in a nod to moms who can’t breastfeed.

Moms should not be embarrassed or ashamed of how they feed their babies.

Feeding babies should not be controversial.

And yet, controversy is already brewing around the powerful ad.

Tommee Tippee released the ad in North America, the U.K. and Australia.

Already, Facebook has reportedly banned the ad in Australia as “adult content.”

To be clear, breastfeeding should not be labeled as “adult content.”

The ban of this commercial goes against its original intent: to destigmatize and create conversations about baby feeding.

Thankfully, the brand is standing behind their ad and mothers around the world.

We love how they responded to a complaint about the ad in the U.K.

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“I have nothing against breastfeeding whatsoever,” wrote one user to the brand. “But am I the only person who thinks this is a bit inappropriate for a TV advert? It’s breasts ye and it’s natural but it’s a bit indecent for mainstream media tbf…”

The company shared that criticism to their Instagram account, with the simple response, ” feeding a baby is not indecent .”

A little louder for those who still don’t get it, guys.

Feeding a baby is not indecent.

Breastfeeding is not indecent. Pumping is not indecent.

However you choose to feed your baby, mama, know that we support you.

Motherhood is hard enough. We don’t need critics telling us to cover up or banning powerful videos that were created to make us feel seen.

We need more companies like Tommee Tippee and Frida Mom, who are working to give a voice to moms around the world.

We need more mamas like you—women who are unapologetic for how they choose to feed their babies.