How many times has this happened to you: You open the refrigerator crisper to find rotten fruit you spent a fortune on; leftovers get shoved to the back of the fridge and by the time you find them again, they’re hairy with mold; lunch meat gets buried under other food and goes bad. It’s so infuriating when this happens—especially when you planned on eating these things (or serving them to your kids) and genuinely forgot they were there (because hi, mom brain!). It’s also never a good feeling to contribute to food waste.

Instagram influencer Kristen West (@thecenteredlifeco) is all about sharing productivity methods in a fun and shameless way, and her reel about fridge organization is seriously genius.

“Soooo you bought so many fresh fruits and vegetables with the best healthy intentions and then totally forgot they existed because they were stuffed in the drawers,” she captioned the video. “I forget which creator I saw using this fridge organization hack to help ADHD brains remember what you have in there, but it’s been a GAME CHANGER!! Basically, if we can’t see the thing, it might as well be in another dimension.”

West’s video, which caters to ADHD brains but honestly is relatable to everyone, shows how she moves fruits and veggies to the door of the fridge, puts leftovers and other perishable items near the front, condiments with longer shelf lives in the back (and on a lazy susan, which is also genius), and keeps the drawers empty “because that’s where things go to die.” 

Aside from it being a smart organizational hack, there’s another perk to having produce out in the open. “With all the fruits/veggies in the door or right at the front, we’re more likely to use [and snack on] them,” she wrote in the caption. This is not only brilliant for adults, but for children too. Imagine your kid opening the fridge and just grabbing a handful of grapes or baby carrots for a snack. *insert mind-blown emoji*

There’s something so satisfying about finding a good kitchen hack, and this one gives the added bonus of reducing food waste, too.

Speaking of reducing food waste, a person on Reddit recently broke down their method of saving money and minimizing food waste when they buy groceries. Pair this with the fridge hack, and your life might be changed forever.