Some households devour fruits as soon as you bring the grocery bags inside but for others, it’s a struggle trying to figure out how to get kids to eat healthier.

Well, one mom’s viral TikTok video shows you just what to do with overripe fruit. No more bruised apples staring at you from the kitchen. In the world of mom hacks, this is a solid ten because you won’t be throwing away bunches of fruit any longer.

“If you’re like me and you buy fruit for your kids but they don’t eat it and you’re stuck with it and it starts to look a little sad,” she begins.

“I chop it all up,” she explains. “And I put it into a big pot and I will fill it with water.”

Then she turns on the stove and shares how she brings everything to a boil and lets it simmer for a few hours. Once it’s reduced down, it’s ready to be thrown into mason jars. So easy. You can freeze it and give it to your kids for a healthy snack idea. Plus, you can easily throw everything in a crock pot, walk away and let it work its magic.

What this mama describes is similar to making homemade compote or applesauce. And what kiddo doesn’t love applesauce? Even your picky eaters might prefer eating fruits in this consistency versus the usual way. The next time you find yourself wondering what to do with overripe fruit, consider this simple method.

This is the kind of mom hack, and fruit hack, that you’ll be using all the time. With over 2 million views, this viral TikTok video is probably saving a lot of moms from having to toss sad looking fruit.

“This is a genius idea. Thank you. My son and wife refuses to eat fruits not mention vegetables.”

“I need to do this. I have a whole bunch of apples that are just slightly bruised and my son won’t eat them. Been waiting to make something like this.”

“Yesss my dad does this! I put it on my French toast 🥰”

“Good idea!”