Life as a mom is no walk in the park—even when you have a helpful and supportive partner. Single moms face all kinds of extra challenges, from finding affordable and reliable childcare to having work that can support a household while still being flexible for parent-teacher conferences, sick days and all the other surprises that can pop up unexpectedly for parents.

That’s why Kristin Batykefer decided, when she got divorced from her husband, she wasn’t going to try to do it all by herself. She’s now going viral for documenting her life living in a “mommune”—a communal household where single moms share responsibilities and raise their kids together—and these TikToks are going to have you looking for your nearest mommune, ASAP.


Shoulda moved into a Mommune a long time ago. Support system like no other. 🥰 #mommune #fyp #singlemom #singlemomlife #foryou #divorcetok

♬ out of the question – Maya Wagner

In a recent video, Batykefer, who goes by @beachykefer on TikTok, explained that she got sick — something that would normally spell disaster for a mom who’s responsible for both running her household and taking care of young kids.

But Batykefer’s video shows how different things are because she lives with other moms who can lend a hand.

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“When you’re sick AF but live in a Mommune so you get treated like this…” her video’s caption reads, before it pivots to shots of another mom making her favorite cookies from scratch, the homemade vegetable soup she had for dinner, and Batykefer quietly resting at home because one of the other moms took all the kids to the park.

“This is your sign to move into a Mommune,” she wrote.

Um, sign us up. And the commenters agree.

“Do I have to leave my husband at the firehouse or something?” one wrote. Another added, “I’m married and don’t have kids yet but my husband will be fine. I wanna live in a mommune.”

It just goes to show what powerful things can happen when moms come together and support one another.