Kids say the darndest things, right? Well, this Twitter roundup is chock full of ’em! While grasping the ins and outs of the English language (which is pretty difficult, as far as languages go), we’re given many opportunities to appreciate the words kids make up.

It’s not just babies and toddlers who make up their own words—there are plenty of words kids can’t say, big kids, little kids, it doesn’t matter. They’re all cute (and creative).

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Some of my favorites from my own kids: “prengin” for penguin, “Yocker” for Oscar the Grouch, “hostabull” for hospital—the list goes on. And honestly, I haven’t corrected them once. Because they always figure it out on their own eventually, and when they do get it right, it means they’re growing up.

Below are some truly great and hilarious interpretations kids have made of the English language. Some of them are so good (“Crunchy rain” for hail? Brilliant), you’ll want to add them to your own vernacular.

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