As a new mama, you’ve got a lot on your hands. Sometimes it’s learning to juggle feeding schedules and diaper blowouts. Sometimes it’s actual stuff in your hands, like strollers, diaper bags, and wipes. (SO. MANY. WIPES.)

And ever since the first set of parents brought their new baby home from the hospital, car seats have been weighing mamas down. Often awkward to carry and tediously difficult to install, car seats are typically #1 on our list of #momlife struggles. Which is why we were overjoyed to discover the new PIPA lite car seat from Nuna (available exclusively through Brixy retailers), a feather weight alternative that is changing our lives for the better.

Here are the top three ways the PIPA lite is about to make your life a whole lot easier.

1. It’s the lightest car seat in the country.

image 6186

Oh, hey, remember all those times you struggled to heave your infant seat from the car to the house? (*shudder* We’ve tried to block it out, too.) The PIPA lite weighs in at a dainty 5.3 pounds, meaning your newborn baby was probably heavier than the seat. The secret is the feather weight fabrics and the lightweight aerospace aluminum structure and aeroflex foam cushioning that absorbs and diffuses energy for a super protective ride. Carry on, mama.

2. It installs in a snap.

image 6187

Imagine a world where suggesting you move the car seat into your husband’s car doesn’t induce groans. The PIPA lite features steel-reinforced True Lock base installation with two easy and instant steps—after a few tries, you can do it in about five seconds. Most important, it’s also incredibly safe. It comes with a true lock rigid latch that is 50 percent stronger than a typical seat belt latch and a steel stability leg that minimizes forward rotation during an impact up to 90 percent (compared to a system not using a stability leg), meaning your little one will be locked and loaded in no time flat.

3. It’s some guaranteed peace of mind.

image 6188

Everything about the PIPA lite was constructed with your baby’s well-being in mind. From the certified organic cotton insert and memory foam customizable cushioning to the five-point harness and UPF 50+ canopy, every bit of the car seat is designed to be resilient, sleek, and safe. The fabric and foam have also been sourced to be flame resistant without the addition of fire-retardant chemicals, and the seat features bubble level indicators to help you know you’ve installed it correctly. Now that’s one cool ride.