When I told my 3-year-old that we were going to watch the new PAW Patrol movie, she practically burst with excitement. She was familiar with the characters, but we had never really delved deep into the world of PAW Patrol before and she was thrilled to see these animated pups in action. I expected a good time and a few chuckles, and looked forward to some cozy quality time with my daughter. Little did I know that PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie was about to serve up some truly impactful lessons. So without further ado, here are three empowering insights that my preschooler came away with (which, let’s be honest, are good reminders for us all!).

3 empowering lessons for preschoolers from ‘PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie’

1. Everybody grows at their own speed

The initial takeaway from PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie was crystal clear—that everyone grows at their own speed. This lesson hit home for my preschooler, especially since she’s just starting school for the first time. Just like the Mighty Pups are a diverse group of power-wielding puppies, my daughter is in a classroom of diverse peers—some are quick to bloom, confidently conquering the playground, while others can read a book from cover to cover. My daughter watched in awe as some of the Mighty Pups took a bit longer than others to discover their talents, and it was a powerful reminder that sometimes you’re leading the pack, and at other times, you’re trailing behind, but ultimately, everyone reaches their destination in their own time.

2. The greatest power comes from within

Lesson two taught my daughter about confidence and the incredible power that comes from believing in yourself. She watched as Skye (voiced by Mckenna Grace), the smallest pup and the runt of the litter, discovered her inner strength. Skye’s journey, from thinking that she was too small to do anything important to realizing that her unique gift was essential to the Mighty Pups’s mission, was empowering. The cute and courageous cockapoo’s ability to overcome challenges by believing in herself was a powerful lesson that no matter how small you are, you can achieve big things.

3. There’s nothing more fun than realizing your full potential

Thanks to the Junior Patrollers, the newest and cutest additions to the PAW Patrol team, the thrill that comes when you achieve hard things was the third lesson my daughter learned on our rainy movie day. The trio of Pomeranian puppies—Mini, Nano and Tot (voiced by North West, Alan Kim, and Brice Gonzalez)—are young, full of energy, and dream about joining the PAW Patrol one day. They may be small, but they’re full of heart and always eager to lend a helping paw. With Liberty’s guidance, they’re turned into lean, mean, fluffy little rescue machines that end up being the biggest heroes (in the most hilarious way). Just like them, my daughter realized that trying new things can lead to some of the best “I did it!” moments.

As the credits rolled, I found myself amazed by the unexpected life lessons my little one and I had just stumbled upon. What began as a cozy, casual movie day turned into a full-blown journey of empowerment. We discovered that growing at our own pace, believing in ourselves, and embracing new challenges were the takeaways we never saw coming. Who would’ve thought that those little, mighty pups would be such profound teachers? It’s safe to say: we’ll be watching this movie again, and its wisdom will stay with us for a long time. So, if you’re ready to make memories and stealthily share life lessons with your little one, PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie is the ticket—get your tickets and see it now in a theatre near you!