When given with love, every gift is special. But when that same gift is also helpful? That’s a real win-win. As busy moms with busy families, we’re always on the lookout for products that can improve the ways we go about the day. After all, the more time and energy we have available to make memories with our families, the better!

Here are 10 unique and brilliant gifts that solve mamas’ problems.

Greater Than

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A hydration drink made for mamas

We all know that mamas have unique needs—especially while pregnant, nursing or just trying to keep up with active kids. Greater Than is a safe, no-added-sugar hydration drink chosen by more than 250,000 moms (and counting!). Crafted with a tasty blend of organic coconut water, non-GMO fruit juices, real sea salt and monkfruit for natural sweetness, drinking Greater Than can help support milk supply, ease muscle cramps and even keep your immune system strong. (And, yes, Greater Than is loved by kids and dads, too!)

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The Short Years

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An app to help you actually finish baby books

There’s the joke that the firstborn in a family has a thorough, complete baby book… while the third, fourth or fifth kids are lucky to even have their name spelled correctly. It’s a popular joke because, well, there can be a lot of truth to it. And that’s if your first kid is lucky enough to even get a full baby book! 

The makers of The Short Years know that struggle is real. That’s why they set out to create a simple-to-use app that helps mamas work on their baby books with minimal effort. You start with a beautiful, hardcover book bound by three rings. Then, as you complete “chapters” through the app, the personalized pages are sent to you to easily add to the book. It’s so easy and rewarding, you’ll want to continue on with The Toddler Years next!

Explore The Short Years app and baby books.

Ode a la Rose

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Quick and beautiful floral deliveries from eco-friendly farms

Flowers are a timeless gift. The problem? Remembering to order them well enough in advance. With Ode a la Rose, you can get next-day delivery nationwide or even same-day delivery in a handful of major cities. 

Even more impressive than their quick turnaround time are the stunning arrangements from Ode a la Rose. Designed in the French way by artisans, the eco-friendly flowers are delivered in signature pink boxes. Pick from seasonal favorites like peonies or perennial classics like preserved rose arrangements that can last a full year. 

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Easy and effective at-home manicures

We all know our fingerprints are unique. But what about our fingernails? As anyone who has ever attempted to use ready-to-wear nail products knows, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. ManiMe brilliantly addresses that woe by offering custom-sized stick-on gel manicures that last up to 10 days. And they’re toxin-free and pregnancy safe! With bold designs, classic hues and everything in between, ManiMe is the perfect way to freshen up your nails without a time- and money-consuming trip to the salon. 

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SD iXpand FD Luxe Life01 HR

Digital backup you can depend on

The thought of losing cherished pictures and videos of children is a nightmare for any mama. With SanDisk® iXpand® Flash Drive Luxe, backing up your family’s precious memories is as simple as plugging in your phone, computer or device. The compact flash drive allows you to easily and securely move files from devices—without having to place your trust in some mysterious cloud. 

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Designer clothing rental membership with thousands of styles

Treat yourself or the moms in your life to the gift of infinite style without the shopping stress. A clothing rental membership from Armoire gives you access to more than 75,000 items of clothing from hundreds of designer brands. Armoire members rent from curated closets based on style and fit preferences, wear clothes for as long as they’d like, and then swap items for new pieces when they need some variety!

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A fun teaching opportunity to share with kids

Sitting down for a study session with kids can be… less than fun. But when you make a game out of it that everyone can enjoy, your child’s imagination and education can both benefit. With soft, huggable letters available in sets or individually, Alphapals makes learning the alphabet a tactile experience. Then, when your combo play-and-learning time is done, put the Alphapals into a bean bag shell for savvy storage. 

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The Farmer’s Dog

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A smarter, healthier pet food

Offering fresh and healthy meals to our kids is a worthy priority for most mamas. Shouldn’t our pets get the same care? With The Farmer’s Dog, you can easily serve your pup real, fresh food… Better yet, The Farmer’s Dog will personalize meals based on your dog’s breed, age and weight. Plus, shipments are delivered straight to your doorstep! It’s better for them and easier for you.

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A simple way to fend off mosquitoes

After a long winter, we’re all looking forward to more time outside. Make sure you can fully enjoy it without constantly waging war against attacking mosquitoes. With BuzzPatch from The Natural Patch Co., warding off mosquitoes and other bugs is as simple as putting a sticker on your family’s clothes. Developed with help from entomologists (aka, insect experts), the patches use a blend of highly effective essential oils to protect you all without bug spray. 

Take a look at BuzzPatch and other smart solutions from The Natural Patch Co.

Promptly Journals

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Document your child’s story in one hour per year

Preserving your family’s special memories doesn’t have to be time-consuming, as Promptly Journals prove. With thoughtful prompts along with places to include photos and mark milestones, the Childhood History Journal can beautifully encapsulate your child’s journey from birth through 18 years. Hard-bounded by linen or leatherette, the finished product will be a treasured family heirloom—that only took about one hour per year to complete. 

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