'Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show' is a simple way to inject more kindness into your day.

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We take a pretty friendly view of screen time in our household. While we have restrictions around time spent on devices and the type of entertainment our children have access to, my husband and I love when we find a game or show that encourages positive attitudes for our toddler or inspires our first-grade daughter’s curiosity and creativity. 

Which is probably why Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show, a new children’s program on Apple TV+ has become our recent go-to show. Set in the charmingly-named Clover Grove, each 22-minute episode of Hello, Jack! follows neighborhood resident and Hummingbird Cafe owner Jack (played by Jack McBrayer of 30 Rock and Ralph Breaks the Internet) as he interacts with other members of the community to help them solve problems and look for opportunities to spread kindness. Whether Jack is helping a friend’s niece write a silly book for her uncle or assisting in the neighborhood pet adoption drive, he continually finds a way to infuse more brightness in his pals’ lives. Though it's most popular amongst preschoolers, the catchy songs and gentle message are things children of all ages will enjoy.

But the real magic of Jack and his crew goes way beyond the screen. In each episode, a young character often finds themselves doubting their abilities to make a difference—it’s a message that hit home for me as much as my children. The moment insecurity starts to set in, Jack is there with gentle encouragement and creative ideas for how to help. From crafting a gift for a friend to lending your time to someone in need, the messaging is consistent and empowering: You can make a difference, no matter how small you are. As much as I try to encourage that message in our own lives, it is definitely rewarding for them to receive additional positive reinforcement played out on the screen.

As we watched each episode, my daughter was always at some point inspired to say, “I want to do that!” The next day, I noticed her looking for little ways to help out or show kindness to her sister—and we all kept catching ourselves humming the show's catchy tunes. It seemed a bit of Clover Grove had moved onto our block as well.

As a parent—especially in the wake of the last couple of years—we’ve all had moments where we felt helpless to make a difference. The thing I love most about Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show is that it truly celebrates even the smallest acts of kindness, and it shows how one little step can lead to bigger change and inspire others to perform small acts of kindness, too. 

Want to tune in? Watch the first episode of Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show for free on Apple TV+ and stream the full season with a subscription.