As parents, we’re usually attuned to what’s going on with our kids’ physical health. However, it can be harder to get a picture of their mental health, especially when they get to the developmentally appropriate stage of not wanting to share as much with their parents.

That’s why it’s so important that all kids feel they have a safe space to process their emotions and get helpful mental health resources. Particularly for LGBTQ young people—who are four times more likely to consider suicide than straight peers—feeling hopeful and supported can truly make all the difference. 

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That’s where The Trevor Project comes in: Founded in 1994, The Trevor Project is the leading organization for crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ teens and young adults. For the third year, H&M is partnering with The Trevor Project to further that mission by funding crisis intervention services, including TrevorLifeline, TrevorChat and TrevorText, and by sitting on The Trevor Project’s Corporate Member Network.

This partnership also brings more well-deserved visibility to The Trevor Project, which has a major, positive ripple effect year-round. With more awareness of The Trevor Project, more LGBTQ youth know where to turn while navigating tough times. The service-focused partnership also engages H&M employees as active, inclusive leaders and creates a culture of service, allyship, and chosen family among H&M colleagues, customers and community.

As adults, most of us only need to think back to the not-so-distant past to remember what it felt like when we thought our parents just “didn’t get it” with just about anything—let alone subjects like sexuality. Now that roles are reversed and we’re on the parents’ side, what we should want most of all is for our kids to get the right kind of support when they need it. 

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With more Americans than ever identifying as LGBTQ, all parents should prepare to have open conversations. But, in the case our kids aren’t ready to come to us (right now), it’s so important that they have resources like those provided through The Trevor Project available to them. Just one care counselor from The Trevor Project can help support 100 young people who wouldn’t otherwise have a positive resource.

Taking that point even farther, The Trevor Project’s decades’ worth of work shows that we can decrease the risk of suicide among LGBTQ youth by 40% simply by offering individuals acceptance from at least one adult. And with H&M’s partnership to bring awareness to these incredible services, help can reach more people. 

After all, one thing everyone should agree on is that the more love and support our kids receive, the better. 

Donate to The Trevor Project here to help save more young LGBTQ lives.