With the holidays quickly approaching, we know there is a lot on your plate. Perhaps most daunting for many of us? Selecting the perfect gift for everyone on the list. Yes, actually giving gifts is joyous—but we could go without the hours upon hours of contemplating what gift is *just right.* 

So, allow us to let you in on a little secret... You don’t need to get a unique gift for every single person. Instead, when you discover a home-run gift, there’s no shame in buying it for multiple people on your list. In fact, with the family of devices from Facebook Portal, bulk gifting makes the experience even better. Really!

Here’s why: With smart video calls that automatically adjust to include multiple people in the frame, you can create more delightful memories—so you can bring everyone home for the holidays, even when there are miles between you and your loved ones. And, although you can make calls with your Portal to non-Portal devices, making Portal-to-Portal calls unlocks even more amazing features, like Story Time with AR effects. 

Video calls simply don’t get better than with Portal devices. That said, Portal devices aren’t just for video calls. Portal devices are handy (yet hands-free!) assistants thanks to built-in Alexa. And, when not in calling mode, the kid-friendly AR features are fun for all ages. Or enjoy your favorite apps, such as Netflix, Zoom, news apps or more... Oh, and another great reason to simplify your holiday shopping by buying multiple Portals? You can save money when you buy two+ Portal devices—including the new Portal+ and Portal Go. 

With Portal TV, Portal, Portal+ and Portal Go there’s a Portal that’s perfect for everyone.


1. Facebook Portal TV

With Portal TV, you can make high-quality video calls using Smart Camera and Smart Sound directly on your family TV. Getting connected is a cinch, which means you can get straight to enjoying group video calls, “Watch Together” features, AR games and more. With such a big screen, Portal TV is the next best thing to having your loved ones with you on the holiday morning.


2. Facebook Portal

Boasting a 10” HD display, the original Portal is a serious upgrade for video calls. Now, there’s no more cramming around the screen or shouting to be heard. With Smart Camera, the frame will widen to feature the whole group or adjust to follow a solo user if they move around during the call. With Smart Sound, Portal will amplify the volume of the person speaking, which means less repeating yourself. The perfect size for keeping on the counter, Portal helps foster more quality connections—in more ways than one.


3. Facebook Portal Go

Untethered to an outlet, the new Portal Go has complete portability. Of course, you can appreciate that when you want to make a video call. But, with high-fidelity auto and popular apps, it also helps you bring the entertainment along to any room of the house. (Hint: Suggest this is the first gift your loved ones open on the holiday morning so you can video chat for the presents that follow!)


4. Facebook Portal+

For the most immersive display, the newly released Portal+ is the way to go. With integrated adjustable tilt and an ultrawide field of view, people on the other side of the call will feel like they are right there with you. All that’s missing is the smell of sugar cookies or holiday dinner in the oven! Not only is Portal+ a great gift for families, but it also serves as a dedicated calling device—so no more switching between the Zoom app and other tabs while on a work call.

Save $100 when you buy two Portal devices. So, go on and cross some holiday shopping off your to-do list with Portal devices today.