Mark your calendars, mama: Easter is coming up on Sunday, April 12. Unlike most other major holidays, the date we celebrate moves around throughout the spring—so you definitely aren't alone if you feel like Easter celebrations hopped up on you this year.

When the big day rolls around, a bunny may get the credit for filling your children's Easter baskets. But we know who is really responsible for making Easter morning magical, even if prep work didn't start until the night before. Thankfully, anything that involves chocolate treats and lots of love is guaranteed to be a winner.

Here are a few Easter basket ideas if you are jumping into action at the last minute...

Simplify with one-stop shopping

Styling an Easter basket can be something of an art. First you consider the gift items, such as candy, books and toys. Then you need crinkle filler paper and bows. And, of course, there is the basket itself. It's not quite the high-pressure situation of placing perfectly wrapped presents under the Christmas tree—but it isn't far from that mark.

The good news is, has you covered. With a curated section devoted to all things Easter, you can build custom baskets for your kids in one stop while tossing a few extra bags of Kinder Chocolate Mini Eggs into the cart for yourself (because mamas like treats, too).

Make future you happy by starting an easy tradition

If you are vowing to yourself this is the last time you'll scramble to assemble an Easter basket, help put that goal within reach by getting some holiday-themed books that can make a reappearance in next year's basket. If the book isn't a mainstay in the reading rotation throughout the year, it will still feel special to rediscover next Easter morning.

While you're at it, pick timeless Easter baskets that can grow with your kids. The baskets may take up some storage space throughout the year, but it's a practical alternative to frantically rushing around to buy another one next year.

Good things come in bundled packages

When it comes to Easter presents, the combination of a cuddly toy and great tasting chocolate treat is a classic for good reason. Check both off the list at once with the adorable Kinder Chocolate Easter Gift Pack, which features your choice of a plush unicorn or lamb, plus a keepsake adoption certificate and 12 individually wrapped Kinder Chocolate Mini Eggs. And with their creamy milk filling—seriously, we're obsessed—you'll be glad each gift includes that many eggs so that your kids don't notice if a few "go missing." (Hey, kids aren't the only ones who love them!)

Raid your children's art supplies to DIY some baskets

If it's past the kids' bedtime on April 11 and you are already in your comfy clothes, skip the last-minute run to the store for a special Easter basket and DIY your own. Using baskets, tote bags or even bowls you already have at home, add some seasonal flourishes by making one-dimensional eggs and blades of green grass out of construction paper. As long as there are some treats and sweets inside, we bet your kids won't be too critical about the actual container.

Create a family tradition around the Easter Bunny

Santa has an elaborate backstory about how he makes an entrance. But the Easter Bunny's less established narrative means you can get creative! You can cut out a stencil for a "rabbit footprint" and dust it with white flour to show the path the ol' Bunny took from the door to the Easter basket. Add a note from the Easter Bunny to go along with the baskets and— voila! —instant childhood magic.

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