Whether they’re seasoned moms of teens just learning to drive, new moms snuggling babies fresh into this world or moms navigating those potty-training toddler years, there’s a good chance (a really good chance) that the mom in your life is tired and in need of some appreciation. And while mothers should be showered with love every day of the year, Mother’s Day is one special day that serves as a reminder of just how important she is—and in case you didn’t know, it’s just around the corner. 

If you find yourself searching for gift ideas that will tell her how amazing she is and encourage her to take a break and practice some much-needed self-care, but you don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. 

From gifts that will improve her sleep to ones that will make her life easier, here are 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas that make her feel loved and appreciated—because we all know that’s the message she needs to hear the most. 

10 Mother’s Day gift ideas for every type of mom

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Drop Massager from Maude

Chances are (and by chances we mean 100% for sure) that the mom you’re shopping for is tired and something aches on her body. Gift her drop, a soft-touch silicone massager that fits perfectly in the palm of her hand so she can soothe sore breasts, a backache, or anywhere else on her body. Drop comes in gray or green, is USB-chargeable, and has a travel pouch so she can take it with her wherever she goes.

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The Ayla Diaper Bag from Ayla & Co

Moms love their diaper bags—that’s no secret. Mostly because we cart around 9 billion things but want a cute and practical bag while we’re doing it. That’s why we know the mom in your life would love an Ayla Diaper Bag that she can wear as a backpack, shoulder bag or hand bag due to its adjustable straps! You can move seamlessly between styles without having to remove and store the straps.. (because psst…moms like versatility, and our hands are full enough!) 

Add in the removable, washable inner liner, insulated bottle clutch that’s perfect for milk, formula or snacks, a reusable wet bag for soiled or dirty diapers, and the fact that it comes in seven gorgeous colors… and, well, we’re pretty sure this one’s a winner. 

Don’t skip out on Ayla & Co’s mini-bags or fanny packs either—they’ve got a bag for every stage of parenthood. And, if you really want to score points, add the Ayla Vac to your cart too and tuck this small portable handheld vacuum inside the bag before you say “Happy Mother’s Day.” 

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A Pajama Set from Printfresh

There’s nothing like a comfy set of pajamas—especially for Mom, who is exhausted and very much deserving of some rest and self-care. A women-owned company, Printfresh offers luxury, handcrafted loungewear made by ethical partners in India. The fabric is organic cotton poplin that gets softer with every wash, and most of their styles have pockets! Plus, these pjs come in beautiful, bold prints and a variety of sizes that accommodate growing bumps and breastfeeding mamas. (And check out their fab collection of printed bags, dresses, accessories and home décor too!)

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Somavedic Medic Rubin 7

A Gift from Somavedic

Moms of all ages need sleep (as a mom of teens, I can attest to that!) And when they can get sleep, they need it to be good sleep. 

Enter Somavedic—an innovative consumer tech brand rooted in science that combines modern day technology with ancient healing wisdom. Somavedic’s rest and recovery frequency therapy device is the gift every mom needs, as it uses the natural power of precious minerals and metals to create a life-supporting field to improve sleep & energy and help better manage stress. (More sleep and energy and less stress? Yes please.)

Somavedic also lowers the effect of the EMFs—electromagnetic fields emitted by many modern technologies like WiFi, 5G, Bluetooth devices, and various appliances. And the Gold, Vedic, and Amber models help restructure water—specifically if placed near your drinking water sources—improving hydration and leading to many health improvements.

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The Dohm Classic Sound Machine

But wait! We’re not done with sleep yet! We love the Dohm Classic Sound Machine from Yogasleep that can help quiet her mind and drown out all the noise of motherhood. Yogasleep has been providing effective sound machines for over 60 years, and the Dohm Classic is the OG—a white noise machine with a real fan inside that fills the room with soothing, sleep-inducing sound. 

Yogasleep also offers a wide array of other sound machines as well—many of which offer brown and pink noise options too. 

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Moms are known for taking care of everyone else and forgetting about their own wellbeing. So gift the hardworking mom in your life AG1, a comprehensive nutritional drink and source of daily nutrition that supports gut health and immunity and boosts energy (she definitely needs that!) 

AG1 is made from  75 vitamins, minerals, and whole-food sourced nutrients in their daily servings—all Mom needs to do is mix one scoop with water. (A quick and easy way to keep her healthy and full of energy? This one’s a must-buy!)

Oh, and the Single Subscription comes with a storage jar and shaker bottle so she can take her AG1 with her on the go!

Haverhill Lifestyle photo for Motherly blog

A Gift from Haverhill Jewelry

Haverhill Jewelry offers a vast selection of beautiful pieces, many of which can be personalized to offer an extra special gift idea any mom would love. Based in New England, Haverhill is female-owned and run by a mother who uses sustainably-grown gemstones and recycled 14k gold. And you can tell that a mom created and designed these pieces, as they are made to be worn during all aspects of our busy lives and don’t need to be taken off to shower, exercise, or sleep!

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The Simple Wrap from Lalabu

Need a cozy wrap without all the complexity? The Simple Wrap will make the perfect gift. Allow her and baby to move through their day comfy and content. Designed to look and feel like a lightweight wrap but structured to give support like a sturdy carrier. The simple design along with the wide shoulder straps make this not only the easiest baby carrier, but the most comfortable.

The Simple Wrap is ideal for babies 13-28lbs. It is acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a “hip-healthy” product so moms can rest easy knowing their baby is both cozy and safe.

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babypage memory book

A Subscription or Gift Card to BabyPage

Today’s mom doesn’t need to spend hours of her life hand-writing details into a baby book or pasting in printed photos like moms did years ago. Instead, she can create her baby book via BabyPage—right from her own phone or computer. BabyPage is a mom-owned and operated brand that makes creating baby books, pregnancy journals and memory books 100x easier for tired, busy parents. 

Unlike other baby book and memory apps, BabyPage asks multiple choice questions based on age and stage, and generates answers into story content that users can pair with photos to record milestones. You don’t have to spend time typing out lengthy entries, but you can customize your pages and content!

BabyPage also offers a PLUS subscription that includes full access to premium design features, friends and family access, and 10% off all orders + free shipping.

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A Gift from Blue Nile

When in doubt, go with jewelry! Blue Nile has hundreds of quality fine jewelry items on sale up to 50% off with complimentary expedited free shipping from April 17th – May 14th.

Whether it’s a gorgeous statement necklace like the Sapphire and Micropavé Diamond Pendant, the beautiful French Pavé Diamond Ring, or a sparkly pair of Petite Diamond Milgrain Hoop Earrings, you can’t go wrong with Blue Nile gifts.

Choose among gorgeous diamonds, tennis bracelets, rings, earrings and birthstone jewelry with prices starting at just $35. So whether you choose to splurge or gift on a budget, there’s something dazzling for every mom in your life.