One of the joys of parenting? As babies grow, so do their personalities. As parents to 7-month-old Sienna, Gabriella and Dijoun Farquharson are embracing their daughter’s personality—and bringing back some familiar routines.

Now that Sienna is 7 months old, the Farquharsons have introduced solids. “Her first food was bananas that I pureed,” says Gabriella. ” Aince she has two teeth, everything is going in her mouth.”

Even though baby has been introduced to solids, Gabriella still pumps consistently based on Sienna’s schedule Sienna. Now that Mom has started back at work for two days each week, ensuring that she can pump on-the-go is vital to keeping her supply where it needs to be for Sienna, which is why the Dr. Brown’s Customflow™ Double Electric Pump comes in handy.

“I just make sure it’s charged the night before and I don’t have to worry about bringing the cord, which has been really nice,” says Gabriella. “If there’s no outlet by me obviously the battery pack has become a life saver for me for that reason.”

Because Sienna did so well on her first international trip to Jamaica (where Dijoun’s family is from), the Farquharsons planned a date night and left Sienna with Gabriella’s family so they could celebrate their anniversary—with the breast pump along for the night. As Gabriella adds, “I’ve been proud of my body for continuing to supply what it needs to.”

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