For new parents, support can look like a lot of different things. Whether it’s a text from a friend checking in or a game-changing nursing pillow, we can all use an extra boost as we settle into the new role of “mama.” Fortunately, Boppy gets it. From their synonymous nursing pillows that launched in 1989 to their ever-expanding line of the comfiest baby carriers, Boppy creates products that support mothers and babies when we need it most. 

Especially at a time when motherhood can feel more challenging than ever (and we’ve all got a laundry list of things to worry about), it’s reassuring to know we still have help in our corner. Here are nine products from Boppy designed to make your life simpler, healthier and more secure―so you can focus on what really matters as you get it all done.

Boppy Organic Bare Naked Original Support

1. Boppy Organic Bare Naked Original Support

This design has been a tried-and-true mom favorite for decades for good reason. The Boppy Organic Bare Naked Original Support pillow is made with organic cotton fabric and hypoallergenic polyester fiber fill and designed to support you and baby throughout your first year together. The perfectly sized shape works for virtually any feeding hold style. And, because it was designed by a parent, you can know it cleans easily in the washing machine.

Boppy ComfyFit Hybrid Baby Carrier

2. Boppy ComfyFit Hybrid Baby Carrier

For your baby, there’s no place more secure than cuddled up close with a parent. The ComfyFit Hybrid Baby Carrier gives that sense of comfort while also providing support for the parent wearing it. With a design that features the ease and security of the structured carrier with the comfort of a baby wrap, you have the choice of three carrying positions that are each easy to put on.

Boppy 4 & More Multi-use Cover

3. Boppy 4 & More Multi-Use Cover

Babies come with enough stuff―which is why we’re especially grateful for gear that pulls double (or quadruple!) duty. This stretchable, multi-use cover protects your baby with lightweight, breathable fabric in their car seat—but it can also serve as a high chair cover, infinity scarf, nursing cover, stroller blanket… the list goes on!

Boppy Anywhere Nursing Pillow

4. Boppy Anywhere Nursing Pillow

You might not be able to keep your Boppy Original Support on hand through all the adventures of motherhood. (Trust us, we’ve tried!) That’s where the Anywhere Nursing Pillow comes in. Held in place by a breathable, yoga-inspired fabric belt, this soft, contoured pillow packs up smaller in an easy-to-carry shape that’s perfect for feedings on the go.

Boppy Preferred Shopping Cart Cover

5. Boppy Preferred Shopping Cart Cover

When you’re ready for the ultimate baby VIP seat, look no further than the Boppy Preferred Shopping Cart cover. The extra-large shape is covered with a super-soft, minky fabric and features padded leg holes and two-point safety straps. It also comes with attached toys for your baby to play with while you shop—or you can hook on a favorite pacifier or other favorite little toy.

Boppy ComfyHug Newborn Carrier

6. Boppy ComfyHug Newborn Carrier

What’s the next-best thing to a hug from your own arms? A baby carrier that feels almost exactly the same—without the strain that comes from actually carrying your little one all day long. The ComfyHug Newborn Carrier blends the security and ease of a structured carrier with the comfort of a soft baby wrap to provide just the right amount of support for both you and your newborn. NICU experts weighed in on the design, so you can be confident even preemie babies from 5 lbs. and up will get a secure fit.

Boppy Antibacterial Compact Shopping Cart Cover

7. Boppy Antibacterial Compact Shopping Cart Cover

Protecting your little one from germs doesn’t have to be stress-inducing. Create an antibacterial barrier between your baby and the surface of shopping carts or public high chairs with this reusable cover. The easy-to-stretch material slows bacterial growth for up to 30 washes, which means you can get going without extra worry.

Boppy Shopping Cart Cover

8. Boppy Shopping Cart Cover

Looking for a cover that helps keep your little one protected and entertained? The Boppy Shopping Cart Cover easily lays over shopping carts, high chairs and other public surfaces to provide a barrier between germs and your baby’s skin. But the real magic is that it comes with a toy attached to it to keep little hands occupied. (Hint: That means you can finish grocery shopping, enjoy your meal or do whatever needs doing!)

Boppy Disposable Shopping Cart Cover
$10 for a 5-pack

9. Boppy Disposable Shopping Cart Cover

Prefer to simply toss germs away when you’re done with your outing? We get it. That’s why we love these disposable shopping cart covers. Made from 100% eco friendly Polypropylene, these covers provide 360-degree coverage from nasties you might find on a public surface. When you’re done shopping, simply toss them in the nearest trash can. Germs, be gone!

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