Wouldn't it be great if life came with a remote control? Most parents could use a mute button now and then (or, at the very least, volume control!), but we have to say that the most useful feature would be the pause button. Baby wakes up too early (for the fifth time)? Press pause. Your work inbox fills the second you check that last email? Pause. That last hour before bedtime never seems to end? Pause, please!

We might not have a real pause button for life, but that's why we're officially obsessed with the chill-inducing CBD product line from Press Pause. Founded by working Mom of 3 young kids, Dawn Fable, and elevated by the quality and governance of Tenacaious Labs, the company realized that taking a break was crucial to their own mental health and launched a line of tinctures, creams, teas and self-care products featuring hemp grown using organic farming practices and third-party tested for safety. Each CBD wellness product is designed to reduce anxiety, promote relaxation and boost your overall wellness—all while providing a much-deserved break. Ready to press pause? Here are five of our favorite items from their lineup.

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The Pause Intro Duo

Press Pause


Consider these two products your CBD primer. Designed to tackle stress from the inside out, the duo features lower-dose capsules with 300 mg of full spectrum hemp extract in a tasteless little capsule and a healing balm packed with essential oils, arnica and hemp extract to soothe sore muscles and battle inflammation.




Pause Healing Balm

Press Pause


Formulated with 50 mg of CBD (and a host of other relaxation-inducing ingredients), the healing balm will become your go-to for spot-treating tired muscles or headaches or promoting full-body relaxation after a long day of mom-ing.




Pause Tincture

Press Pause


You're just a few drops away from less anxiety, better sleep and less internal inflammation. The Pause Tincture delivers less than 1 mg of CBD per drop (it's recommended to take about 3-5 per day) with a delightfully minty taste you'll actually look forward to taking.




Pause Capsules

Press Pause


Or, skip the drops in favor of a capsule that delivers 10mg of CBD per capsule with no counting or measuring. The capsules are vegan, tasteless and easy to swallow and digest, and with regular use can reduce pain and inflammation. Consider them an upgrade to your daily wellness routine.




Pause CBD Tea (10-pack)

Press Pause


You might already be in the habit of reaching for a piping cup of tea to relax after a long day. Now, pour out one with the calming benefits of high-quality, water-soluble CBD. The tea comes in two flavors, Chai (with caffeine for a gentle energy boost) and Bloom (decaf). Peace of mind is just a sip away, mama.