It took me nearly four years into motherhood to really start valuing the importance of self-care. It was just too easy to spend every moment caring for my children, my work, my family…only to realize too late that there really wasn’t anything left for me at the end of the day. It wasn’t until I started advising a new mom friend of the importance of caring for herself that I realized the irony. How could I keep pouring out for others if I never filled my own cup? Things had to change.

That’s when I started prioritizing my moments of self-care and learning strategies to provide myself with the support I needed no matter how much time I had available. For a fully restorative experience, I started carving out an hour or two after my daughters went to sleep and truly making it mine. It became the time when I focused on what I really needed—and when I did the things I had always enjoyed before I had kids.

For me, that usually starts off with a good sweat. Not only is my evening workout the perfect antidote to shake off any residual tension or frustration from the day, it also leaves me feeling more balanced emotionally and mentally for whatever the rest of the week holds. Before becoming a mother, my gym time was sacred for my mental health, and by getting in the habit again, I’ve found a way to honor my own needs with zero guilt.

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Press Pause

Of course, with a good workout often comes sore muscles. That’s where the next restorative step comes in. When I’m feeling extra indulgent, I like to follow up my workout with a super relaxing bath. My secret weapon for a near spa-like environment? The Pause Bath Bomb. Deliciously scented with lavender essential oils, this little ball has a secret—it also has 50 mg of pure CBD oil to help fight inflammation and promote total relaxation. While it fizzes and bobs and does its magical little thing, I can lie back and revel in the fact that, for a few minutes, my only job is to do nothing.

Post-bath, I use another Press Pause product to really treat my tired muscles. The Pause Muscle & Joint Cream has become my go-to for near instant relief, thanks to the genius combination of 500 mg of pure CBD, vitamins, arnica and camphor. As I massage it in, I can practically feel any aches from the day melting away, and the scent is better than any pain relief cream I’ve ever used.

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Press Pause

Sometimes, though, there isn’t time for my full routine. When I only have a few minutes to restore, I reach for a freshly brewed cup of Pause CBD Tea. Perfectly balanced with a blend of CBD, organic lavender and hibiscus, the tea gives me a boost of energy with zero jitters—in fact, it usually helps lessen any anxiety I’m feeling. It can even help when I’m feeling hormonal imbalance throughout the month, thanks to the Organic shatavari and fennel that can help treat bloating and cramps while providing digestive support.

These days, my self-care is all about prioritizing the little moments of restoration I need to be at my best for my family. Whether I have just a few minutes or a few hours, having my routine in place means less time scrambling for what I need and more time pouring back into myself.

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