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As a mama in 2021, I love when I encounter teachable, problem-solving moments with my kids. One of the biggest recurring themes is that our actions have repercussions—in our lives and in the lives of others. And, sometimes, little shifts can have significant effects.

Recently, one item on my family's to-do list was to be more mindful about how we're treating our bodies and the planet. That quickly led us to explore our food choices. And, thankfully, we didn't have to do anything too dramatic to reap some wonderful benefits: Switching to organic dairy from Organic Valley was a simple-yet-impactful place for my family to start because we already consume dairy products.

While I know there are multiple ways to make a difference, this was one easy (and delicious) starting point for our family. Now we just consume dairy products we feel good about—in more ways than one!

It’s a nutritious and reliable choice

Organic Valley

There's no denying that milk is a nutritious beverage for kids. Loaded with calcium, protein, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and more, milk helps fuel my kids and support their growth. However, not all glasses of milk are created equally. Organic Valley Grassmilk has higher levels of Omega-3 & conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) compared to conventional milk.

Just as important to me as what the products include is what they don't include. Because Organic Valley is USDA-certified organic, I know there are never GMOs, toxic pesticides, antibiotics or added hormones in my kids' glass of milk or bite of cheese.

Organic dairy is better for the environment—and our kids’ futures

Organic Valley

I first discovered Organic Valley because of their organic promise and delicious products—but our enthusiasm only deepened when we learned more about their commitment to sustainability. That's big for my family: We come face-to-face with environmental issues on a daily basis because we live in the western United States, where water shortages and wildfires have gone beyond the crisis point. As a result, my kids and I have talked a lot about ways to help the environment. And, instead of getting burnt out on trying to do all the things, switching to Organic Valley helped us feel empowered that our choices can lead to positive changes.

Why? Because Organic Valley "walks the walk" when it comes to making the world better by practicing climate-smart farming with a pasture-based system. Not only does this system allow cows to spend 50% more time outside than USDA standards require, but Organic Valley has a lower carbon footprint because of their on-farm sustainability practices. The business itself even uses renewable power.

More little changes that can make an impact

Organic Valley

For me, switching to organic dairy was an eye-opener not only because I realized how easy a change it could be but also because it inspired our family to look for other small changes we could make. For example, we already ride bikes for fun with the kids, so we started riding them to school instead of driving. We already spend money on disposable plastic bags, so we switched to invest instead in reusable ones.On their own, these choices may seem small. But they do add up—in ways that benefit the environment and my family.

Make the switch to organic dairy with Organic Valley. Explore the products and get a coupon code on the website.