For so many moms, Target is their happy place. That's no accident—Target is designed to be a welcoming, happy place because that makes us want to stay longer and spend more.

But coming home from your happy place and looking at how much you've spent (on things you didn't even intend to buy when you rolled up to the store) isn't always a happy experience. So now Target has come up with something else to keep shoppers happy even after the leave: A new loyalty program.

It's called Target Circle and allows you to earn 1% on every purchase to redeem at Target later.

If you're doing grocery or diaper hauls at Target, that's going to add up quickly.

If you already have a account, Cartwheel or the Target RedCard you're already enrolled in this program which begins October 6. It is replacing the Cartwheel savings tool (you'll still get the deals, they're just going to be called "Target Circle offers" now) but it does not replace the RedCard, it's just meant to go with the RedCard. When you use both, your savings increase to 5%.

There's also a bunch of other perks, like birthday offers (how sweet of Target to remember our birthday) and special, personalized deals on things your purchasing patterns suggest you want (like diapers! Hey Target, we buy a lot of diapers).

Circle members will also get early access to special sales.

October 6 can't come soon enough.

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