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They’re almost as good as a second pair of hands.

We’ve never met a mama who didn’t have a busy to-do list—especially when it comes to the holidays. And when you add a baby to the mix, suddenly an extra pair of hands is even more appreciated.

That’s where BABYBJÖRN comes in. For decades, mamas have trusted BABYBJÖRN to help hold their most precious cargo, and now we count on them to help us get it all done with our little ones nearby. So whether you’re busy decking the halls, prepping your home for extra guests or just trying to get through your day with a shower, here are two products that are helping new mamas get it all done this holiday season.

The perfect cozy seat

Something we constantly found ourselves asking as new mamas was: “Where do I put the baby when I…” But the answer we come back to again and again is the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Balance Soft. Made of breathable cotton jersey and mesh (that’s machine washable!), the Bouncer Balance Soft creates a seat cozy enough for your little one to relax while you fold laundry, wrap presents or take care of whatever needs to get done with both your hands. It’s also light enough to bring from room to room, perfect for those days when you have to prepare for a houseful. 

Even better, the seat’s bouncing is stimulated by your baby’s own movements (no batteries required!), helping your little one to develop balance and motor skills as they kick. The gentle, rocking bounce can even help soothe fussiness—a game-changer for a parent with a lot on their to-do list.

When your hands are free again or it’s time to get down on the floor for tummy time, simply fold down the bouncer and tuck it out of the way. When folded down, it’s even small enough to fit in your stroller’s under-basket, making it easy to bring the seat anywhere you need to be.

A crib that’s made for travel

Another major mama woe around the holidays? Disrupting baby’s sleep schedule while traveling to visit friends and relatives. But BABYBJÖRN has a solution for that, too. Their Travel Crib Light is a safe, lightweight (it’s only 13 pounds!) travel crib that can help your little get serious shut-eye no matter where your travels take you. It even comes with a comfy, cozy mattress designed to encourage the sweetest dreams no matter where your little one needs to slumber. Plus, the mesh sides ensure maximum airflow and make it easy to keep an eye on baby while they sleep.

The convenient carrying case makes it easy to keep the crib handy so you can set up a soothing sleep environment wherever you celebrate, and it folds up and down in a single movement. Whether you’re setting up for naptime in different rooms around the house or tucking in your little one for the night at Grandma’s house, the Travel Crib Light is your best bet for maintaining your baby’s sleep schedule during a busy season of travel.

Here’s to getting it all done this holiday season, mama.