If Santa is bringing you a baby this Christmas, consider your little elf lucky. This month is actually the rarest time for birthdays (with December 24 and 25 being the rarest birthdays of all), so December babies are special from birth (psst…looking for a December baby name? We’ve got you!).

Having a due date around now may mean future birthday parties will potently conflict with holiday parties, but it also means your child will grow up knowing that their special day is during a magical month of celebration and cheer.

Wondering what is special about December babies? Here are a few reasons we love them:

1. Easy mornings and early bedtimes

A study of Italian and Spanish university students found those born around December were significantly more likely to be morning people than those born in the summer. Other studies have shown that kids born this time of year tend to fall asleep earlier too (yay!).

2. December babies may be the youngest in class

A lot of parents expecting December babies fret about how their kiddo will likely be the youngest in their kindergarten class, but that may actually be a good thing.

Research indicates there are academic benefits to being the youngest in one’s class. It’s hard to be the smallest one in kindergarten, but by the time they’re applying for college, the youngest kids are actually outperforming the older ones.

3. Most likely to be a dentist

Census researchers in the UK found December born babies are the most likely to grow up to work as dentists, according to The Guardian. It’s never too early to start teaching your baby about oral health!

4. Left-handedness

December-born boys are more likely to be left-handed, according to research out of the University of Vienna. A study of 13,000 adults revealed, 7.5% of women and 8.8% of men were left-handed. When they looked at the male birthdates, researchers found most left-handed men were born between November 1 and January 1.

5. A December baby is a Sagittarius or a Capricorn

If you believe in astrology, whether you have your baby before or after the 21st will make a difference (and not just when it comes to planning birthday parties so close to Christmas). Those born from December 1 to December 21 fall under the Sagittarius sign and are said to be extroverts who like travel. From December 22 to 31 you’re a Capricorn, determined and helpful.

6. Time to grow hair as white as Santa’s

Christmas-time babies have been noted as having the best statistical chance of living beyond 100 years old.

Common complaints about December birthdays involve the proximity to the holiday season. Nobody (especially not a child) wants to feel like their birthday is an afterthought, but when families celebrate a December baby’s special day their smiles can outshine the brightest Christmas lights.

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This story was originally published November 28, 2017. It has been updated.