Can we just take a moment to celebrate what you. just. DID!?

You have raised your little one to her first birthday. You've reached a point where (we hope) you've found your new mama footing; you've embraced this new identity. And you're showing your little one just how special life together really can be.

That is soooo worth celebrating, mama!

Remember when you took your little one home from the hospital and wondered how you could keep this helpless newborn alive? YOU DID IT.

Remember when you struggled to feed your newborn during the countless late-night and early-morning feeding marathons? YOU SURVIVED IT.

Remember when you couldn't remember the last time you slept without being awoken, when you were so tired you didn't know how you could carry on? YOU POWERED THROUGH IT.

Remember when your pants didn't fit and you struggled to find peace with your new postpartum body? YOU FOUND IT.

Remember when you couldn't remember the last time you'd had a night alone with your partner? YOU'RE MAKING TIME—AND LOVE.

Remember when finding your footing at work or in life as a stay-at-home mom felt overwhelming? YOU FIGURED IT OUT.

Remember when you felt so much love for your baby that you felt like you could burst? YOU STAYED INTACT. (Hah!)

Remember when you were afraid of every little bite of food your baby would take—checking for allergic reactions or choking or big messes? YOU HANDLED IT.

Remember when you were constantly worried about whether your baby was crawling or walking or running or talking on time until you realized that your little one is on their own schedule and you're going to do everything you can to help them thrive—no matter what? YOU'RE ON IT.

Remember when you wondered if you'd ever make it to this point? YOU DID IT.

We know we're all still works in progress, but when you've come so far—and grown so much—this year, and well we think that is incredible, and so worth celebrating.

Happy birthday little one. And happy birthday to mama, too.