Nothing compares to the magic of a newborn.

After months of anticipation, you finally get to meet your little one. You gush over their every move and adore all of their perfect little features.

You get to feel your heart flutter as they stretch and yawn—absolutely sure it’s the cutest thing that has ever happened.

They burrow on your chest, needing little more than snuggles and food. (And lots of diaper changes.)

You dress them in the sweetest, tiniest outfits imaginable—even if you don’t plan to leave the house all day. Even if it’s just for a beautiful Instagram photo.

Then, all too quickly, they outgrow those little onesies. As you swap out the newborn sizes for 0-3 months, it may bring a tear to your eye. Because you’re wondering where the time went, and how your heart can handle these continuous milestones of infancy and childhood.

I want to let you in on a secret:

The not-so-new newborn has a very special kind of magic, too.✨

The not-so-new newborn looks and acts a lot like the new newborn. She still thrives on snuggles, wears clothes you could swear are meant for dolls and she can crack you up by flailing her arms with the startle reflex.

But now you’ll get a glimpse of those *deluxe features.*

The early smiles that will cause you to max out storage space on your phone thanks to a million pictures.

Those sweet coos and giggles that are music to your ears.

They now have longer stretches of awake time to chat, read books and get to know each other.

Their bellies get bigger and they can go a bit longer between feedings. (Meaning more sleep for you. )

Their perfectly kissable legs and arms start to chunk up thanks to all that food. (Those baby rolls are incredible!)

They aren’t as fragile feeling anymore—their necks are stronger, their bodies are sturdier.

And you aren’t as fragile, either mama. You’re stronger, too. And your confidence is growing by the second.

Their eyesight improves, which makes for some adorable staring contests. They love watching you and everything you do.

It’s not just your newborn who has been growing and learning.

As a not-so-new new mama, your changes may not be as visible as baby’s. Though they are just as profound.

You haven’t just been getting to know this new little person, you’ve also been getting to know this new version of yourself.

You’ve realized how powerful and capable this mama is, right? (You are!)

On top of that, you’re getting to know your baby and all her unique quirks. You know many of her rhythms. You can semi-predict her needs. You can begin to get out and experience the world—or, at least, the neighborhood—together.

You have had a few months together to study each other—you are becoming a professional at being your baby’s mother every single day.

That’s not to mention how you became a total pro at diaper changes somewhere between the first and thousandth.

There’s something about this first transition from newborn to not-so-newborn that’s magical, too.

It’s the first time you’ll step back and realize they’re right about how fast time goes.

It’s also the first time you’ll see that while things keep changing, amazing new benefits unfold around each corner.

It’s quite possibly the first time you realize how heartbreaking motherhood can be—with how fast everything changes—while at the same time recognizing how much these little moments fill up your heart so completely.

Before you know it, you’ll swap out these teeny clothes for a slightly less teeny size. And I won’t lie: This packing away process is always bittersweet.

But now with what you’ve seen so far, you know the secret. There are so many sweet moments to come. And there is magic in every single milestone and moment ahead, mama.

So buckle up—the fun has just begun.