The first days and weeks and months of motherhood can pass by in a blur, and if you're not careful, those sweet newborn memories can slip through your fingers. Artifact Uprising's new baby book is the perfect excuse to document those early days and weeks…the first nap, the first snuggle, the first time baby meets her big sister. It's a place for all those special photos, and also a record of everyday moments, first-time meetings and mama's own memories. And we're giving one away.

The Story of You is an interactive photo journal for baby's first year and beyond, focused on the everyday moments that matter most. The stuff you swear you'll never forget, if only you had a photo of it. Throughout your book, you'll find fill-in-the-blank style prompts, as well as open-ended prompts that follow a month-by-month format through the first 12 months. And of course there's room for longer letters to write to your little one (like this one!) before their arrival and on their first birthday (tissues, please!).

Did we mention it's beautiful? The Story of You has a premium fabric cover with foil stamped title, "Here Begins The Story of You" (sob!). It even includes a pen and adhesive for prints, because who's got the brainpower to remember to buy them on your late-night diaper run? Plus you get a complimentary set of Everyday Prints to get you started.

Enter to win your own Baby Book below (worth $120!), and gift it to your BFF! (It's ok if you don't remember her baby's name....she can actually customize it after purchase!).

Congrats to our winner, Jennifer G.!