Fatherhood is not for the faint of heart, especially in New York City. We learned that lesson very quickly when we started working on our dad series to celebrate the first stroller in the Bugaboo by Diesel collection. “There's no shortage of challenges: small spaces, big expenses and lots of subway stairs, just to name a few," Jessica said in the first installment. “But for those willing to brave the elements to raise a family here, the reward is immeasurable–where better to bring up baby than in a city overflowing with passion and creativity?" In case you missed any piece of our series, we're giving you the chance to indulge a little and take one more look at the brand new Bugaboo by Diesel from every angle. Get inspired by these impressive dads. Then get out there and brave your own parenting experience. First stop: Stumptown Roastery with Jon Feldman Second Stop: Gowanus with Gunnar Larson Third Stop: Roberta's with Anthony Falco Last stop? Possibly your home! Enter to win a Bugaboo by Diesel stroller of your very own by entering right below! This post was brought to you by Bugaboo.