It can be hard to find music that you love to listen to that's also appropriate for children. After all, you don't really want your little one picking up a new four-letter word from your latest favorite song.

AT&T just released a fun study that can help you find a 'clean' artist to listen to. They analyzed the top 200 songs for the past year on Spotify to figure out who the most popular recording artists are—and then they counted how many times those stars curse in their music.

Here are the top ten 'cleanest' musicians on the radio this year.

Harry Styles


Dia Dipasupil /Getty Images

Styles topped the list with 0 curse words used in any of his six tracks in the top 200.

Dan + Shay

This duo also had six songs in the top 200 on Spotify. They cursed 21 total times.

Taylor Swift


Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Taylor swore 150 times across her songs in the top 200.

Justin Bieber

Bieber is a relatively 'clean' musician—he swore 172 times in his most popular songs last year, accounting for just 0.24% of all his lyrics.

Lewis Capaldi


Alberto E. Rodriguez /Getty Images

Lewis Capaldi used just 40 curses in his most popular hits.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande swore 273 times in her most popular songs on Spotify last year, accounting for 0.39% of all her lyrics.

Billie Eilish


Kevin Winter /Getty Images

The Grammy Award-winner cursed 46 total times in her most popular songs last year.

Luke Combs

Country star Luke Combs cursed 79 times in his songs on the Spotify top 200 list, making up 0.46% of all his lyrics.

Dua Lipa


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Dua Lipa used 279 curses in her most popular songs last year, accounting for 0.49% of all her lyrics.

Travis Scott

Rapper Travis Scott rounds out the top 10 'cleanest' artists on Spotify, with 313 curse words making up 0.73% of his lyrics.

Which artist cursed the most?

AT&T says that honor belongs to DaBaby, who swore 2912 times in his music, accounting for 4.5% of his lyrics.

The full results:

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