Everyone loves a good “Mommy and Me” class at Gymboree,

Little Gym, etc., but that can get costly. Luckily, there are plenty of no- or

low-cost adventures everywhere, if you know where to look. Check out our suggestions

below and let us know if you have any fun, free activity recommendations!

1. Library programs

This should be at the top of your activity list, especially

because, in many areas, your tax dollars are already paying for some awesome

public programs available free of charge at your local library. Story times,

play groups, music and movement, and so much more! You can really beef up your

activity calendar and even meet new friends for you AND baby at these programs.

2. Parks/Playgrounds

Do a Google search of all of the parks and playgrounds in,

say, a 20-mile radius of your home and make it a goal to drop by a new location

at least once a month. (You can also try search parks on the app MommyNearest.) You might find a new favorite hangout and, again, you

may already be paying for some beautiful play spaces with your tax dollars, so

take advantage of them!

3. Free admission days at local museums

Check out the websites of your local museums to see if they

offer free or discounted admission days. Very often museums will let patrons in

for free past a certain time, or offer monthly or seasonal discounts on

admission. Take advantage of these and make a regular date to visit.

4. Get to know your neighborhood

If the weather is nice, take some time to explore your

immediate area. Dedicate one day per week to taking a long walk around your

neighborhood (with Google Maps on your phone in case you get lost). You can

meet the neighbors and maybe find a hidden park or green space you never

noticed while driving by. Also be sure to point everything out to your little

one – “Wow, look at the tall tree,” “See the squirrel,” or “Can you hear the


5. Take a drive

Listen, you have the entire day to do whatever you want, so

how about taking a drive? Turn off the radio and pay attention to every sign

you see – animal farm ahead? Pull over! Random historical plaque? Check it out!

Baby is still little and you still call the shots, mama, so if you find

something that interests you, don’t hesitate to check it out.

(And if the Starbucks drive thru is what interests you, no judgment here!)

Set a time limit

for yourself, like drive for an hour one way, turn around, and head home via a

different route. It may cost some gas, but you might find an amazing spot

totally off the beaten path.

Remember, the world is your oyster, mama. Go explore!