Infant car seats -- they are some of the most important baby gear you'll purchase for your little one. But if you live in the city and have to carry one through crowded streets, you'll soon realize that they can also be clunky and heavy, and maneuvering them can be quite the workout. Lucky for you, you don't have to break your back lugging baby around anymore. Our friends at Nuna recently launched the lightest infant car seat to ever hit the US market.

At only 5.3 pounds (5.3 pounds!), The PIPA lite has shed 2.6 pounds off of its big sister PIPA, and it's a real game changer! Don't get me wrong: Nuna's original infant car seat was already quite portable, but their newest addition has substantially lightened my load. With the PIPA lite, transferring baby from the car onto the stroller has been a breeze; and carrying it around isn't as awkward and laborious, which proves particularly helpful when I also have an oft-uncooperative threenager to scoot around.

The PIPA lite's feather weight doesn't make it flimsier, however. In fact, it's the very technology that Nuna uses to make it lighter that also makes it sturdier and safer -- so much so that it exceeds American safety standards!

The shell of the seat is made of Aeroflex foam, which absorbs and diffuses energy to minimize impact. And though it's worth noting that the PIPA lite must be installed with the accompanied base, it boasts top-of-the-art safety features like the true lock base installation and a steel stability leg, which sits on the floor and minimizes front-to-back movement in the event of a collision.

What's more, Nuna's new infant car seat features GOTS certified organic cotton fabric and is naturally flame resistant! That's right -- no chemical or added flame retardants whatsoever, which is a huge plus in my books. And with its memory foam headrest, the PIPA lite actually makes a comfier ride for baby, too.

As if all of its safety features weren't enough, the PIPA lite is sleek and easy on the eye and can be used with any of the brand's strollers. You can also purchase adapters to use it with other prams, like the Uppa Baby and Bugaboo.

Photography by Charlene Petitjean-Barkulis.