Anyone with a Hulu subscription knows Mindy Kaling is a creative genius, and now the mama of one is getting creative in the kitchen, too.

Her daughter, 7-month-old daughter Katherine, is eating solids and the baby is being treated to some homemade goodness. Kaling’s fans get to follow along as she shares what is essentially a cooking/comedy show in her Instagram stories.

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In her most recent “episode” Kaling shared her recipe for banana date peanut butter. “This is one of those baby foods that like I legit would eat,” she tells viewers.

Bananas, pitted dates and Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter go into the blender and out comes baby food fit for baby Katherine, and her mom.

mindy kaling is feeding her baby peanut butter 0

“This is so good. Should I have it instead of giving it to my daughter?” Kaling asked her followers.

One of those followers is fellow celebrity mama Jessica Alba, who is hoping Mindy’s new cooking “show” might give her some inspiration when it comes to feeding baby Hayes.

“Get it girl,” Alba commented on Instagram after Kaling’s first kitchen Story. “And text me some recipes baby will eat—Hayes is only into carrots and sweet potatoes.”

mindy kaling is feeding her baby peanut butter 1

He might be into peanut butter if Alba tries out Kaling’s latest recipe. While many moms are hesitant to give kids Hayes and Katherine’s ages peanut butter due to allergy concerns, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) recommend parents serve up peanut-based pureed or finger food as a way to avoid allergies.

Early exposure to peanuts can decrease the chances of your baby developing a nut allergy later in life. Babies with severe eczema or an egg allergy are at the highest risk for peanut allergies, so parents should talk to their doctors about when, where and how to introduce a high-risk baby to peanuts, but for babies who aren’t high-risk they can be introduced freely according to the AAP.

So follow along with Kaling and add some peanut butter to your baby’s menu, mamas. It’ll be fun and delicious. Just save some for baby.

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