Pregnancy often begins with endless exhaustion, filled with deep sleeps that are almost impossible to wake up from. Then, somewhere around the second trimester, a burst of energy arrives, allowing you to enjoy 3 glorious months of that “glow” you read about in books. But as the bump gets bigger, pregnancy insomnia becomes a gigundo challenge for so many mamas-to-be. Sleep becomes the focal point of your life: How much you’re not getting of it, how to get more of it, how much you miss it, and so on. Which should make you super happy if you upgraded to that new Casper mattress your bestie went on and on about. Because it’s just about the only thing you could possibly love about those sleepless late-stage pregnancy nights. You didn’t get one? Well then now is just about the best time we can think of to make the switch to the comfiest sleep surface your growing belly could ask to rest on.

So, if you’re currently pregnant, have ever been pregnant or plan to be pregnant one day, we think you’ll relate to our “Night in the Life” of a mama-to-be. Don’t worry, you’ll sleep brilliantly soon* enough.

8:15 pm-Wake up on the couch by my partner shaking me and telling me to “wake up! You fell asleep while scrolling instagram again! And it’s time for dinner.”

9:07 pm-Finish dinner and daydream of how glorious bed is going to feel when I crawl into it while watching an episode of House of Cards.

9:26 pm-Give in, turn off the tube and hit the hay. Attempt to read a little and make it about 2 sentences before passing out.

10:32 pm-Hello bladder! I hear you. Get up and go pee.

12:12 am-Kick. Kick. Kick. I love you, baby.

12:24 am-KICK. KICK. OW. Please don’t let this mean you’re going to be a bad sleeper, baby.

12:28 am-Still up wondering if there’s a correlation between crib mattress comfort and sleep training success. How do I contact the people at Casper and plead them to make a crib mattress before baby is born?

1:41 am-Damn you, bladder. Get up and pee. Again.

2:19 am-Wake up to see my husband feeling up my pregnancy pillow. Shake him.

2:26 am-Still trying to erase the awkward moment from my memory.

3:32 am-Wake up on my right side and panic that I’m depriving my baby of a proper blood flow. Roll over and immediately start googling.

3:56 am-Shit, still up. How did I end up on Instagram again?

4:08 am-You guessed it. Pee time!

5:09 am-Wake up in a night sweat wondering whether I’m really going to be forced into opening baby shower gifts in front of everyone??

5:48 am-Manage to fall asleep. Like deep sleep.

6:46– Wake up to light penetrating my eye lids. Oh dear god, please don’t let it be time to wake up.

7:02-OK, I’m up!

Exhausted just reading that? Us too. Which is why we’re sharing a special code with you to experience the comfiest, easiest to order and oddly super fun to set up (well, for your non-pregnant loved one to set up, that is) mattress we’ve ever encountered. Get $50 off of your Casper purchase with the code WELLROUNDED. Sweet Dreams.

*We have no idea when soon will be because for some of us it’s college and others it’s week three. Meaning it may not be soon at all. But we are definitely sending sleep vibes your way.

This post was is sponsored by Casper.


Image Via Casper