Nikki Bella of Total Bellas says she’s looking forward to sleeping through the night again—a luxury all new moms relish.

Bella revealed in an Instagram post how she’s sleep training 6-week-old son Matteo. “Before the Sunday laughs, Mama introduce Matteo to the first day of sleep training and I got the major Yo Ma Fuggedaboutit lol but once he realized it’s not so bad he was all smiles!” she wrote alongside a photo of disgruntled Matteo.

Sleep training is controversial and also known as known by some parents as the “cry it out” method, because it can (but doesn’t have to) involve putting a baby to bed and letting them cry or fuss until they fall asleep. The idea is that they will eventually self soothe and go to sleep.

“Here’s to eventually sleeping through the night!!” she wrote, adding emoji of a champagne bottle, champagne glasses, and a baby bottle.

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She also introduced him to her “Sunday worship playlist,” Taking Cara Babies, which provides online sleep classes and resources to help babies sleep. Bella wrote that her sister, Brie, “got amazing results” with Taking Cara Babies with daughter Birdie and is now using it with son Buddy, who was born a day after Matteo. Bella said in response to a commenter that she’s using the newborn sleep class, “Will I Ever Sleep Again?”

In a video in the same post, she shows adorable Matteo, who looks less than pleased. “Say, ‘I’m starting sleep training today, and my mommy’s putting me through the ringer, huh?” Bella says as she narrates. “Waking me up, putting me down, telling me when to feed, doing activities. But you’ve been doing so good, my love.”

Bella also wrote that she’s become “obsessed with Stephanie Nguyen,” the owner of Modern Milk, which provides breastfeeding support, pre/post natal education, and other support services for new parents. “She has taught me so much about breastfeeding and has been a saving grace! At any hour may I add! She introduced me to Cara’s program. She needs a major shout out! Love you Stephanie! PS you have to try Modern Milk’s lactation cookies… truly a miracle! Check them out Mamas!”

Most of the moms responding to the post were supportive of Bella, but some disagreed with her decision to sleep train. One person wrote, “Isn’t he too young for sleep training? Go with the flow at this age.”

But Cara Dumaplin of Taking Cara Babies responded to the negative commenters on Instagram, noting that “the newborn class involves no crying! It’s a no cry approach! The 5-24 month class does have crying because babies protest at this age. BUT… I let the parents pick the method (intermittent check ins, pick up/put down, staying in the room). You have to watch the entire class, but at no point do I encourage anyone not to return to their baby!”

It seems like Bella is in good hands and will choose what’s best for both her and Matteo.