When was the last time you crawled around your home? We’ll assume it’s been a while—or never. When your little one begins to explore the terrain, it’s time to put some extra precautions in place to reduce the risk of injury and provide a safe environment for discovery. 

Avery Levinshon, an Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer, explains that babyproofing your home provides a “safe, positive and nurturing environment for children and families.” For the parents in charge of the task, this can feel daunting at first. If you want to know how to babyproof your home, start by thinking like a baby: open cabinets, pull on doors, lean on furniture, climb the stairs and crawl around the floor. 

Levinshon recommends beginning this process before your baby is mobile and watching for changes as the baby ages. Making a babyproofing checklist of rooms in your home and areas in your yard may help ease your nerves and prepare your household ahead of time. 

Also helpful?

These 20 babyproofing products to buy, which are recommended by experts and approved by parents.



1. Stove Knob Covers

Clear stove knobs covers will allow you to easily check that the burner is turned off while preventing tiny hands from turning and tampering with the knobs.


2. Corner and Edge Protectors

Soft babyproofing corner guards can be mounted to countertops, furniture, railings, shelves and chairs, which will help prevent painful bumps. The long edge protectors also allow you to cushion sharp edges, furniture and walls.


3. Oven Lock

This durable, heat-resistant oven lock attaches just above the oven door to prevent a child from opening the oven. This oven lock is easy for parents to use with a rotation upward and double lock mechanism.

$9.95 for a 4-pack

4. Childproof Safety Strap

To help prevent your child from opening every drawer and cabinet, this multi-purpose child safety strap can be used on toilets, cabinets, drawers, trash cans, ovens or refrigerators. The safety strap can adjust from to different lengths and will fit almost any size appliance or furniture.

$15.99 for a three-pack

5. Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Childproof your kitchen with magnetic cabinet locks installed inside the cabinets for invisible safety. To open, use a magnetic key that can be stored up high and out of the child’s reach.

$8.65 for a 12-pack

6. Mounted Cabinet and Drawer Locks

Alternative to the magnetic cabinet lock, the KidCo Cabinet and Drawer lock screws directly into the cabinet. The lock features a swivel arm to allow the lock to disengage for those times the lock is not needed.

$7.99 for a 4-pack

7. Door Knob Covers

Prevent little hands from opening doors with a door knob cover. This option fits most door knobs and blends into your room design.


8. Non-Slip Rug Pad

A non-slip rug pad prevents any sliding or bunching that may increase the risk of injury to children. Non-slip pads can be used under rugs or furniture for extra protection and peace of mind.


9. Open Toy Bins

Toy bins with heavy lids, non-spring loaded and deep enough for a child to climb into can be replaced with open-faced removable toy storage bins. The stabilizing braces, wall anchors and anti-slip kit will also provide additional safety and support.


10. Mounted Baby Gate

This mounted, adjustable gate fits narrow and wide openings and is suitable for the top of stairs. There is also a directional stop clip to allow opening in only one direction, but is easy to use with one adult hand while carrying a baby. Unlike mounted gates, pressurized gates pose a tripping hazard, can move banisters or damage walls. With enough force, a pressurized gate can slide out of place which poses an increased risk for adults and children.


11. Bannister Guard Mesh Rail

With quick and easy installation, this 15-foot mesh rail guard can be used on railings, balconies, stairs or decks. A strong and durable 100% polyester material is great for indoor and outdoor usage.

$16.95 for a 3-pack

12. Sliding Outlet Covers

As opposed to traditional outlet covers that can be removed and are choking hazards, an alternative is replacing the entire electrical outlet. This electrical cover protects children from electrical shock because the sliding cover closes automatically as soon as the plug is removed from the outlet.


13. Power Strip Cover

Remember to also keep outlet cords and plugs out of reach of children. This cover can be used on the floor or mounted on the wall of any room in the house to prevent cords from being pulled out.


14. Cordless Blinds

A cordless lift mechanism operates for easy usage, but is also safe for children and pets. The lace fabric filters light for privacy and UV protection.


15. Finger Pincher Guard

A finger pinch door guard will prevent your baby or child from slipping their little fingers in the door when being shut. Use these finger pinch guards in playrooms, nurseries and doors that can unexpectedly slam shut due to drafts.

$11.99 for a 4-pack

16. Furniture Anchors

Furniture tipping or falling onto children is an avoidable cause of injury. To stop furniture from falling, over these BabyKeeps Anti-tip straps secure furniture and TVs to the wall. Avoid using plastic straps or buckles, low-quality strap material and velcro.


17. Fireplace Hearth Gate

Guarding a fireplace will help protect your little one from  touching hot surfaces, accessing gas starter keys and bumping into sharp edges. The auto=close HearthGate provides maximum safety around your fireplace with a magnetic lock. When not mounted to the wall for added safety, this gate can be used as a freestanding play area.


18. Toilet Guard

This toilet guard is a simple one-handing option that fits most toilet lids and installs without any tools. Easy for adults and older children to open and use, this will prevent little one from getting into something they shouldn’t.


19. Pool Gate Lock

Installing a gate around the pool—not just the yard—is the safest way to protect children. When searching for a pool lock, look for magnetic locking technology, industrial strength and weather resistance.

$49.98 for a 2-pack

20. Window Well Cover

Cover your window wells to prevent injuries, falls and to deter small children from entering the well.

Another babyproofing tip to keep in mind: Although flowers, plants, garden beds, and landscaping rocks can make the outside of your home more attractive, these can also be dangerous to curious toddlers who touch and put everything into their mouths.

Have your local gardener or landscaping company walk through your yard with you and help point out harmful plants, flowers and weeds to prevent any accidents. Some common outdoor plants to watch out for are holly, juniper, morning glory and amaryllis. Also consider what house plants are family-friendly

Babyproofing your house is an ongoing process that will need to be re-evaluated as the child grows and if you add to your family.