“Done properly, parenting is a heroic act...”

This is the premise for the story playing out in most of our day-to-day lives—and it’s now getting the recognition it deserves in an unlikely place: The upcoming Incredibles 2 movie from Pixar shows that parenting doesn’t always come easily, even to superheroes.

This time, Mr. Incredible himself is the one holding down the fort while mom-of-three Elastigirl saves the world from a new threat. And if the trailer for Incredibles 2 is any indication, Elastigirl is the one with an easier task.

While Elastigirl is off getting credit for saving the day, Mr. Incredible is back home in the mode of ordinary dad Bob Parr. But with homework assignments, discipline and a baby’s emerging superpowers complicating matters, it seems this may be the biggest challenge he’s yet faced.

“I’ve got to succeed so she can succeed,” a stressed-out Mr. Incredible says. “So we can succeed!” Really, who among us hasn’t been there? (Other than the baby superpower part.)

Compared with the glory Mr. Incredible was used to getting from his day job, the act of raising children and manning the household is a pretty thankless job. But, when you are able to step back and look at the big picture, raising incredible kids really is the most rewarding gig in the world.

We also love that the roles are reversed from what is typically portrayed as the norm. As hard as being a stay-at-home dad may be for Mr. Incredible, movie goers get to see something he may not recognize in himself: He’s just as amazing at that as he is being an active-duty superhero.

Although this movie is all about fun, it is sending a serious message about how moms are just as capable of going out and saving the world and dads are completely capable at being, well, dads.

While these dynamics may vary from family to family, it’s the willingness to work together that really matters. As Elastigirl says to her husband, “I couldn’t have done this if you hadn’t taken over so well.”

Mark your calendars for a family movie outing: Incredibles 2 premieres on June 15.