Strong willed-children get a bad wrap, and we get it. It can be so hard to parent a child who has strong opinions, strong words and often strong little punches to go with them.

But as with everything in parenthood, nothing is just one thing; there is a duality to everything.

With all the challenges of parenting a strong-willed child, there are so many rewards, too. That's why we love this viral post about the bright future of strong-willed, wild-at-heart kids:

The post reads: "My neighbor saw my toddler streaking through our year and said, 'I had one of those and now she is CEO of a company. She may almost kill you but she'll do great things in this world. Hang in there!'

That's the sort of encouragement that mamas of strong-willed children need."

When you are just in the thick of it, it can be hard to remember that one day this tiny little person is going to be a grown-up—a citizen of this world. But the truth is that before we know it, all that heart, fire and energy will belong to an adult, and what an amazing adult they'll be.

All the love and patience you pour into your child is helping them turn into a future change-maker. That's pretty powerful stuff, mama!

So here's to strong-willed kids (and definitely to the mamas who raise them).

And, here's to the members of our village—neighbors, grandparents and strangers on the internet—who take the time to support and encourage use. We couldn't do it without you.