It’s been another week full of political twists and heartwarming stories -- from some Republicans opposing the new healthcare bill to Queen B FaceTiming with a teenager battling cancer. No time to read the news? That’s okay, mama! We know a lot of people, babies and hubbies alike, count on you, so you can count on us for your weekly updates. But let’s forget about politics, shall we? Here are all the mama essentials you need to know about this week.

1. Want to know how long your breast milk has been out and if you should just dump it? This magic wand… err, watch does just that: keeping track of your milk bags and bottles’ temperature with just the push of a button. Mommy's Watch is just what the doctor ordered.

2. In an essay for Glamour, Shannon Clark, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist and new mom of twins, shares her journey with infertility and with egg donation. When she was 20 weeks pregnant, she met with her egg donor and did a photoshoot to commemorate their special relationship. Check out her story here.

3. Sesame Street has always kept it real - from expressing the death of one of their beloved characters rather than just replacing him with a new actor and hoping the kids wouldn’t notice, to the beautiful new addition of a muppet with autism. Meet Julia!

4. Wondering just how essential those essential oils actually are? Do you need them? Are they actually bad for you? The founder of one of our fave skincare lines S.W. Basics’ new book is out, and it’s a very essential read.

5. If you’re planning on breastfeeding, or already in the thick of it, don’t miss out on the Teat & Cosset NYC trunk show this Friday and Saturday from 1 - 5pm at Giggle on 451 West Broadway. Can’t make it? Don’t worry, there’s another on Sunday from 12 - 4pm at Pottery Barn Kids, 1311 2nd Avenue. See you there!