We partnered with Skip Hop on this post to uncover the mysteries of the toddler backpack.

The purchase of a toddler backpack is a rite of motherhood passage. After spending at least a year -- and possibly up to two or three -- perfecting your own diaper bag haul, you are turning the reigns over, and placing the responsibility of packing the day's “necessities" in your (most likely insane) toddler's hands.

The truth is that you'll still be saddled with your own diaper bag. We have yet to meet a 2-year-old that thinks it's critical to pack six extra diapers, organic hand sanitizer and SPF 1 million sunscreen in her backpack, you know, just in case. But giving your toddler a backpack means empowering her to decide what will make her happy that day, whether it's her favorite book, 25 Magiclip princesses, or your TV remote that's been missing for a week. It means recognizing her personal style -- maybe she's a minimalist who can calmly hit the road with a single toy car, or an anxious hoarder who fills her backpack to the brim with the entire contents of her toy bin.

And of course, it means acknowledging she's growing up… because this first adorable toddler backpack leads to a bigger ones. And before you know it, you'll wonder what ever happened to that adorable little kid of yours who stole your TV remote.

But not just yet! For now, take it all in and enjoy 3 adorable NYC kids showing off what's inside their toddler backpacks. (Can't wait to hear what's inside yours! Tell us in the comments below.)

Sloan, 2 years old

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

What can't she leave home without packing up?

A pair of green shamrock sunglasses, channeling her inner Elton John. No matter how many pairs of sunglasses we've bought as alternatives, she demands to wear her "shamrocks," rain or shine.

What's the most surprising thing you've ever found in her backpack?

Plastic pizza and cupcakes (the breakfast of champions). Did we mention it's plastic and inedible? Sloan's obsessed with cooking 5-star meals in her Leapfrog Number Lovin' Oven though.

Arthur, 21 months

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

What can't he leave home without packing up?

It constantly changes, but he currently can't leave the house without an Apple remote control. It's old but still works, and he calls it "dance." We use it to put on some music when he requests to dance, usually after dinner. If he realizes it's not in his backpack, he says "dance" a couple of times, spins in frustration until he falls on his bum, and starts whining. The whining usually goes on for a while, but he eventually demands that I pick him up and points to my breasts so that I nurse him.

What's the most surprising thing you've ever found in his backpack?

I once found the end piece of a baguette, munched on and still wet with saliva -- a true French baby.

Dillon, 2 years old

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

What can't she leave home without packing up?

Dillon can't pass a playground without jumping in the water sprinklers and she knows her bathing suit is always on standby in her backpack. If she goes to do a quick change and a bathing suit isn't in there then it becomes a very soggy trip home!

What's the most surprising thing you've ever found in her backpack?

I was pleasantly surprised to find love notes to Dillon that her sister, Daisy, had secretly stuffed in her backpack. I'll save them for when I need to remind them how much they care about each other!

Photography by Stylish & Hip Kids.

Toddler backpack reveals by 485 Creative.