Packing on the pounds

While we know that at this point of your pregnancy, it feels like you're the one doing all the work (hellooo Braxton Hicks and peeing all the time and maxing out the Lycra on our pregnancy pants!), but your baby is also hard at work getting ready for life on the outside.

According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) during your 3rd trimester, “major development is finished" in your little one (Us: Wahoo!)

Now, “the fetus gains weight very quickly." Grow, baby, grow!

Getting ready for his first big breath

At this time, your baby is getting ready start breathing on the outside, so his “lungs are maturing and getting ready to function outside the uterus" ACOG notes.

We know you can't wait to hear your baby's first few sweet cries. Getting closer, mama!

Moving into position

Somewhere between 33-36 weeks, your baby will move head-down, and will usually stay that way in preparation for birth, ACOG explains.

Baby, this would be a good time to start listening to your mama. Do you hear me?: Stay head down!

Prepping those tastebuds

Also during the 3rd trimester, “taste buds develop, and the fetus can taste sweet and sour."

This expanded palate will come in handy during the early days of nursing. Studies show that newborns can actually taste different 'flavors' of breastmilk, influenced by the different foods you eat. And researchers at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia have found that the particular flavors baby experiences through breastmilk can impact the child's taste preferences for years to come.

Spinach, anyone?

Sleeping patterns develop

Also during the 3rd trimester, sleeping patterns develop in your little one, experts say.

Now we're not going to dare utter the words “sleeping through the night," for quite some time, but, we believe in you baby. Practice those sleep patterns. Practice for mama.