*We’ve partnered withLiquid I.V. to help solve your pregnancy and postpartum thirst.

If there’s one thing your OB, your pregnancy app and your mother-in-law can agree on, it’s that you have to stay hydrated during pregnancy! And there’s good reason. Becoming dehydrated while pregnant can cause major problems for you and your baby.

But staying hydrated is hard, especially when you’re working or have other kiddos to wrangle. That’s why we’re stocking up on Liquid I.V.’s Hydration Multiplier. It’s a pregnancy and breastfeeding-safe, non-GMO electrolyte drink mix that hydrates you faster and more efficiently than water alone. By simply adding this convenient single-serving stick to a 16oz bottle of water, you can provide your body with the same hydration as drinking two to three bottles. Consider this your new hydration hack!

Here are 5 reasons why dehydration can be super scary for you and baby.

  1. Overheating. It’s already easy to get overheated while pregnant; you weigh more and your body has a hard time getting rid of the extra heat you’re creating. And because you’re probably sweating more than usual, you’re losing even more water. Experts recommend 10 cups of water per day (this can be easy if you’re adding Liquid I.V.’s Hydration Multiplier to your glass!).
  2. Migraines. There’s nothing worse than a migraine or a headache, especially when you’re pregnant and can’t take many of the meds that usually help. Forgetting to stay hydrated can cause dizziness, low blood pressure and headaches or migraines. The first line of defense: plenty of liquids!
  3. Urinary Tract Infections. If you’re not drinking enough, you’re not peeing enough — and if you’re not peeing enough, you’re putting yourself at risk for a urinary tract infection. You need to be properly hydrated in order to flush out all those germs and toxins. Luckily, Liquid I.V. can help get your hydration back on track faster than water alone.
  4. Low amniotic fluid, which can cause birth defects. Early on in pregnancy, your amount of amniotic fluid is directly affected by how much water you’re drinking. If your amniotic fluid is too low, baby won’t grow properly and could even develop totally preventable birth defects like kidney or urinary tract problems.
  5. Premature birth. You know how people swear you won’t give birth early? If you’re dehydrated, you might! During the second and third trimesters, a lack of hydration can cause early contractions and even premature birth. When you get dehydrated, your blood volume increases — increasing the amount of oxytocin in your body, and possibly sending you into an early labor. Yes, this is an extreme scenario, but mama: you have the power to avoid it completely just by staying hydrated!

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Photography by Ren’ee Kahn Bresler for Well Rounded.