Who is excited to have a winter baby?! When you found out you would be having a baby during the coldest months of the year, among all your other anxieties, you may have also been nervous about cabin fever. Speaking from experience, there is no need to worry and plenty of reasons to be excited about copious amounts of indoor cuddling.

Amid all the cuddling, other needs during this time are quick access to body parts (every 2 hours!) and house clothes ready for receiving guests. So let's get comfy. Here are 8 maternity sleepwear essentials to help you cozy up at night.

  1. Robe. A winter essential for a new mom is a great robe. If you're investing in one before baby's arrival, this is even something you may want to pack in your hospital bag for warmth and jazzing up your hospital gown. The hood on this Recliner robe is a nice addition for just washed wet hair. $120, buy here.
  1. Pajama set. Now that you are stepping up your pajama game with matching pajamas, take it to the next level and get matching pjs for baby too from Milk & Baby. Just think how nice it will look in all those spur of the moment photos in bed. $73.50, buy here.
  1. Night gown. If you prefer the simplicity of a night gown over pajamas, this one from Au Lait has nursing vents to get you and your new bundle through the night a little easier. *Note: Pair with knee socks for a hot new mom look. $118, buy here.
  1. Nursing bra. At night you may find you still need the support of a bra. This soft, no fuss nursing bra is incredibly comfortable and hassle free for all hours of the night, or day. $16.99, buy here.
  1. Slippers. New baby, new slippers. Nothing says you've given up on your style like a pair of worn out slippers. This fringed style from EMU Australia will have everyone saying “Where'd ya get those slippers?" $99.95, buy here.
  1. Socks. Don't forget your toes. In this Smart Wool knee high style, you might feel like role playing - think naughty Britney Spears school girl. $23.95, buy here.
  1. Night cream. Your night routine may seem unnecessary since there is hardly any sleeping, but now is the time to definitely nourish your skin while the magic of sleep cannot do all its typical repair work. $48, buy here and here.
  1. Bath salts. When you do have the chance to luxuriate in a bath, add bath salts with essential oils like lavender for relaxing and eucalyptus for a stuffy nose. $4.99, buy here.