Leo babies are born between July 23 and August 22. Leos are charismatic, self-assured, fun and adventurous. They don’t like to be bored or end up in second place. Along with the emblematic lion, the Leo sign is symbolized by fire and the sun.

Popular baby name inspiration is abundant when it comes to zodiac signs. You can name your baby after the months of their zodiac sign or even the symbols they represent. Leo names are inspired by Leo’s colors, flowers and characteristics. Scroll down for sweet Leo names for your sweet Leo baby.

Leo personality traits

Leo’s possess natural leadership skills. They are creative, generous, warm-hearted and passionate. They can also be stubborn, self-centered and arrogant. They really embody “king of the jungle” traits with their loyalty and dominance.

Leo names inspired by Leo’s lion symbol

1. King

Your little king of the jungle!

2. Simba

Inspired by the lion from Disney’s beloved movie, “The Lion King.”

3. Aidan 

Irish-Gaelic for “little fiery one.”

4. Leander

Greek for “the lion man.”

5. Leo

Latin for “lion.”

Leo names inspired by Leo’s colors gold, yellow and orange

6. Aurelia

Latin for “the golden one.”

7. Saffron

The signature orange-yellow color of the spice it refers to.

8. Amber

Describes a rich, yellow-ish golden hue.

9. Goldie

An adorable nickname-name for your golden child.

10. Orla

Irish for “golden princess.”

Leo names inspired by celebrity Leos

11. Jennifer (Lopez)

12. Meghan (Markle)

13. Madonna

14. Chris (Hemsworth)

15. Barack (Obama)

16. Kylie (Jenner)

17. Shawn (Mendes)

18. Charlize (Theron)

19. Mila (Kunis)

20. Helen (Mirren)

Leo names inspired by the sun

21. Sol

Leo is ruled by the sun, whose Latin name is Sol.

22. Cyrus

Persion for “sun.”

23. Summer

The name of the season!

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