During pregnancy, women experience various hormonal shifts; and with those, come a variety of changes to the body -- from swelling to fluid retention to altered vision and, yes, smell. But it doesn't stop there. Hormonal surges during pregnancy can make your skin more sensitive than usual, which makes choosing a deodorant a lot more difficult.

Though natural, organic deodorants are clearly the healthier choice for you and your growing baby, they may not be enough to keep rashy, painful armpits at bay. That's because baking soda, which is commonly used in skincare products to neutralize smell, is a known irritant to those who have sensitive skin; and since hormonal changes can wreak havoc on the skin, pregnant women are more susceptible to the discomfort.

Chef Rachel Winard, founder of all natural skin care company Soapwalla, said, “Hormone activity in the body is complex and responsible, in part, for nearly all body functions and systems. Since our skin is our largest organ, we definitely see the effects of hormone surges on the surface."

Not to worry -- there are plenty of natural baking soda-free deodorants to choose from. Here are 4 that passed the sniff test.

1. Soapwalla

One of our favorite all-natural brands, Soapwalla, recently launched a no baking soda deodorant cream for sensitive skin! Founder Rachel Winard said, “Our new deodorant creams feature activated charcoal and club moss, both powerhouse deodorizers in their own right, and gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive skin." While the dark color might be off-putting for some, this deodorant cream will take care of your pregnancy stink gently and keep you smelling fresh all day, in two new scents. $16, buy here.

2. Meow Meow Tweet

Not a huge fan of the deodorant cream? No problem! Vegan friendly brand Meow Meow Tweet offers their baking soda free deodorant in both a stick and a cream. Founder Tara Pellier says, “Magnesium helps to balance your pH, and it can be highly effective to keep you fresh throughout the day, without the irritating effects that baking soda may have on the skin." Check out their two fresh scents here! $14, buy here.

3. Ursa Major

Super natural skincare brand Ursa Major's No B.S. Deodorant is the perfect option for those who love the Hoppin' Fresh Deodorant but need something a little more gentle. With its mix of hop and kaolin clay and saccharomyces ferment, this sensitive skin option works naturally with your body to control bacteria without just masking the smell -- it actually absorbs and neutralizes it. And it's chemical free, which founder Emily Doyle agrees is so important when pregnant and breastfeeding. $18, buy here.

4. Native

Native's whole line of deodorants are aluminum and paraben free. But their sensitive skin options are also free of baking soda, which makes a great option for those whose armpits are getting irritated. This deodorant is available in a couple of scents, including coconut & vanilla, which is one of our faves. $12, buy here.

Julia McRae is a rising senior at Loyola University Maryland and WRNY's new intern. While she is not a mom-to-be just yet, she is a passionate lifestyle writer and travel blogger.