There's a brand new sister duo in Missouri who developed a unique bond, right from the very beginning.

9-year-old Aakayla Gunn helped deliver her baby sister at home as her mother, Angelica, a nurse and certified doula at a local hospital in Belton, Missouri, coached her through it. Pretty incredible, right?

After she began feeling contractions on Monday, Angelica called her husband, Caleb, to get home as fast as he could, but he was stuck in traffic.

"I screamed for Aakayla to come in," Angelica said in an interview with FOX 4 Kansas City. "I was just like, 'You have to look. Something's happening. Is her head coming out?' And she's like, 'I can't look.' And I'm like, 'You have to.'"

With Angelica's sister on one phone and paramedics on the other, Aakayla ran to grab a towel, and within two pushes, Aubree Rose arrived, caught by her big sister, Aakayla.

"It was fun. She looked really pretty," Aakayla said.

Watch the story of this incredible birth below.

I loved seeing Angelica's husband, Caleb, and his reaction to his daughter's role in her baby sister's birth.

"We may have a doctor on our hands," Caleb Gunn says proudly. "Already delivering babies at 9! Let's go, Aakayla!"