Baby showers are often an important milestone for pregnant women and their partners. They can be a fun way to celebrate the little one that will soon be joining the world. But they can also be a little overwhelming—especially if you’re the one planning the baby shower and looking for coed baby shower games.

Baby shower etiquette is evolving and the lists of dos (do consider giving sentimental hand-me-downs) and don’ts (avoid over-the-top and dangerous gender reveals) is constantly changing. And there is a wide range of opinions on things like opening gifts at the baby shower and whether to play games too. 

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Pro tip: if you’re planning a baby shower, do whatever the mom-to-be wants. If she doesn’t want to open gifts, don’t ask her to open gifts. If she wants to sip mocktails and talk about celebrity gossip, bring the bevvies and People magazines. And if she wants to have coed baby shower games, plan a few games. 

Never fear: TikTok is here to help. 

Coed baby shower game for the dads


We had our baby shower this past weekend and it was beyond special! I’m so grateful. Also the entertainment alone was great 🤣

♬ original sound – Katy Lockman

TikTokker @katylockman shared a hilarious video of dads at the baby shower “giving birth.” While this was intended for men, it couldn’t definitely be played by anyone. You put a balloon inside your shirt and attempt to push it out by wiggling, shimmying and any other kind of awkward movements you can think of. 

“My water broke” game

TikTokker @amelias_living shared this popular baby shower game. You start by buying tiny plastic babies, which can be found on Amazon, and freeze them in ice cubes before the party. At the baby shower, each guest gets one ice cube in their drink and the first person to have their ice cube melt yells, “My water broke!” 

Some commenters also said they played this game by holding the ice cube in their hands, instead of putting it in a drink. And @Sophia<3 noted that, “It’s all fun and games until the baby mommas water actually breaks 😅.”

Diaper pong

Remember all those games of beer pong you used to play? @kasswass shared a TikTok of a coed baby shower game that’s just like beer pong—except the solo cup is wrapped in a diaper and affixed to a poster board. Though it’s not clearly explained in the TikTok, you basically stand a few feet away from the board and bounce a ping-pong ball so that it falls into the diaper.  If you like bar games, like darts and ping-pong, this one looks like a ton of fun. 

Diaper changing game

TikTokker @Sarati shared a video of the diaper changing game at a baby shower. Party goers are blind-folded and given a stuffed animal. The first person to change the diaper while blind-folded is the winner.

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And remember: regardless of whether you decide to play a few coed baby shower games or not, the baby shower is all about showering the new mom-to-be (and parents-to-be) with plenty of love.