There’s so much creativity and excitement that goes into planning a pregnancy announcement. And for soon-to-be parents who have a sense of humor, sharing a funny pregnancy announcement is the perfect opportunity to show off your witty side. 

Telling the world you have a bun in the oven is as classic as pregnancy announcement puns go. In the age of social media, you may feel the need to come up with something a little more original or extra funny. Maybe you want to make people laugh with a witty letter board or graphic onesie? If this isn’t your first rodeo, you may like the idea of involving your kiddos. Better yet, include your four-legged babies in the photo as well. 

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However (and whenever) you decide to announce your big news, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re pleased with how it turned out — and it makes you giggle, too. We surfed the web and found the funniest pregnancy announcements. So funny, you may even pee your pants a little. Pull inspiration from these hilarious baby-on-the-way announcements below.

Netflix & chill funny pregnancy announcement 

Do you and your partner love cuddling up for a Netflix movie night? This “Kinda looks like Netflix and chill went a bit too far…” onesie is a super cute and funny way to let everyone know you’re expecting.

“Pregnant Again” poster funny pregnancy announcement

Buckle up, mama — you’re officially boarding the rollercoaster of parenthood! Extended family and friends aside, this rollercoaster poster idea is also a fun way to surprise your partner with the big news. Imagine their face when they see photos after the ride.

“Definitely The Last One” funny pregnancy announcement

Remember when you said two kids were plenty? Oops! “No really, this is definitely the last one,” letterboard alongside a baby onesie or toy is the perfect way to announce your pregnancy. 

Include your pet in your funny pregnancy announcement

Your four-legged is getting a new two-legged best friend. Thus, it only seems fair that you enlist their help in sharing the happy news.

Got stuffed funny pregnancy announcement

Mama’s feeling stuffed because she’s got a bun in the oven! As a special touch, you can pose with a stuffed teddy bear and save it for your child.

Older sibling crib eviction notice funny pregnancy announcement 

With a new tenant on the way, it’s time to evict your crib’s current resident!

Movie poster funny pregnancy announcement

Pull out all the creative stops with this comical baby announcement. Incorporate your due date into the release date and your last name for who the movie is starring. Coming soon to a crib near you!

Popping bottles funny pregnancy announcement

While originally a New Year’s-themed announcement idea, “Popping bottles of a different kind this year” can be applicable to any time of the year. Simply substitute the champagne for you and your parent’s favorite liquor or bottle of wine. 

Another pregnancy announcement with dogs

Have your dog join in on the fun. This funny pregnancy announcement features two ways your pup can announce the big news: “I simply asked for a treat. I wasn’t expecting a baby human,” and “The lab results are in… it’s human!”