Wondering, what to expect now that you’re expecting? Pregnancy is a beautiful journey but it comes with a lot of questions. If you’re a working mama, then maternity leave is most likely on your radar. Because as your gorgeous baby bump grows larger, the time to clock off from work responsibilities grows closer.

There are certain considerations at the beginning of maternity leave, like how to talk about it with your employer, and there are different ones at the end of maternity leave, such as wondering if you’d like to become a full-time stay-at-home-mom. We’ve got all of the answers to help you on this journey with Motherly’s top maternity leave articles. Bookmark and save for later so you can read up at every stage.

Motherly’s top maternity leave articles to bookmark

1. Tips to find out your company’s maternity leave policy

Alright, so you’ve celebrated the news of your new pregnancy with your loved ones but you’re not quite ready to tell anyone at work. Of course, you’re probably itching to find out exactly what kind of maternity leave policy your company has. Here are a few tips and tricks to find out the information you’re looking for without telling anybody your baby news. Read about sly ways to find out about your company’s maternity leave policy here.

2. Essential questions to ask your employer about maternity leave

Prepping for your baby’s arrival might include cute onesies and tiny booties but what about your transition? You’re about to become a working mom so here are important conversations to have with your employer before you leave work. Read about what to ask your employer here.

3. Maternity leave is not a vacation

Maternity leave might just be one of the hardest parts of your motherhood journey. Despite what society thinks, it’s exhausting physically and emotionally. So, whenever you need a little pick-me-up about how what you’re going through is no easy feat, come back to this personal essay featuring a viral post that highlights the invisible struggle that moms go through. Read all about how maternity leave is the epitome of the motherhood struggle.

4. How to survive an unpaid maternity leave

Most American women don’t have paid maternity leave. What’s a mom-to-be to do? If that’s the case for your place of employment then it’s time to start investigating. From looking into short-term insurance to considering sick or vacation days, learn about a few strategies for surviving unpaid maternity leave. Read about how to make it through unpaid maternity leave.

5. Laid off during maternity leave

Being laid off is difficult to process at any time but toss in being pregnant or postpartum and it’s a cocktail of a lot of emotions. If the unfortunate happens, check out one mom’s experience with being laid off during her maternity leave to help get you through yours. Read this personal essay about dealing with a lay off during maternity leave here.

6. Maternity leave can feel lonely

Sometimes the adjustment to maternity leave can leave you feeling lonely. A UK study based off of 1,000 women shows that it’s actually a common side effect. Read about a few tips to combat the loneliness while you’re on your maternity leave.

7. To stay home or go back to work

Deciding whether to stay home or go back to work once your maternity leave ends is a huge decision. As a new mom your priorities will shift and that can make things extremely hard. But, the good news is that there are a few things to consider to help you make your choice. Read about these 5 points to think about when you’re deciding on going back to work or staying at home.

8. Going back to work after maternity leave

Returning to work after maternity leave is a big transition. But, in those moments when it feels a little too hard ground yourself with these mantras. A fellow mom who’s been there and done that gives advice on how to make it through the tough days and cut yourself a break. Read about how to keep your spirits up when you return to work after maternity leave.

9. Your first day back at work

You’re back at work but to say it’s hard is an understatement. You might pump before you leave, kiss your new baby a few thousand times and give yourself a little pep talk. A working mom offers advice on how to embrace the transition and give yourself compassion as you deal with a whole new phase. Read about a mom’s first day back at work.

10. How to negotiate flexibility after maternity leave

As a new mom your schedule is never really your own because everything revolves around your child. So, when you go back to work it’s a juggling act between who you were and who you’ve become, which is a working mom. The work-life balance can be tough to manage but here are a few tips to help you with your transition. Read about how to negotiate flexibility at work after maternity leave.