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So many of us believe that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to pregnancy. So we read every book and blog that we can get our hands on. But there are times when all that pregnancy literature (not to mention hours of googling) yields nothing. And that can be really, really lonely.

Sure, the Internet was designed to make us all feel more connected, yet we interact less and less as we become more engrossed in our screens. Somehow, pregnancy pulls you back into the inescapable reality of what is happening in your body and compels you to reach out for assistance.

That’s where a pregnancy coach comes in -- to offer you support before, during and after pregnancy, creating positive lifelong habits in your lifestyle, exercise and nutrition, as well as your attitude. Even if you’re not expecting yet, you can still begin making small but profound changes that will have a tremendous impact on your pregnancy and your life as a new parent.

“The journey from bump to beyond is one of the most powerful transitions a woman will make and it can be overwhelming, whether it's her first time as a mom or her fifth,” says Raquel Nowak, prenatal wellness expert and the founder of Bump2Beyond Wellness. “Every pregnancy is different and comes with a unique set of concerns and questions. It's really not the best time to rely solely on Google for answers.”

The goal of pregnancy coaching is to simplify the overwhelming amount of information, emotions and life changes being thrown at you in such a short amount of time. Nowak says the lifestyle management service is beneficial to clients who are able to quickly implement it in a way that makes sense for their needs and specific situation. .

“Being able to prioritize support in this way,” Nowak says, “usually means a world of difference for women who are otherwise very busy with the other aspects of their lives but are still concerned about entering motherhood in a healthy and nurtured way.”

Below, Nowak shares how coaching can help you through some of the more common questions during pregnancy.

I’m feeling kind of large. How much weight am I actually supposed to gain during pregnancy? Your weight prior to pregnancy will determine how much weight you'll need to gain during pregnancy. A well designed nutritional plan will help you get the nutrients needed to support growing a baby and manage your cravings, and you'll be less likely to exceed the required weight gain. Women who focus on proper nutrition before and during pregnancy have an easier time losing the extra pounds after the baby is born.

Most days, I'm too tired to exercise. Is it really that important during pregnancy? It's natural to feel more tired during pregnancy, but the good news is that being more active and sticking to an appropriate and manageable exercise routine will provide you with the energy boost you need. Just about 30 minutes a day is all you need to feel a difference and reap the benefits during pregnancy. It might be more manageable to break this up into a few minutes a day throughout the day, but taking a quick walk is a great way to get some fresh air and get that workout in.

I'm not yet pregnant, my partner and I are just thinking about it. Is it too early to consider coaching?

No, not at all! Although it certainly isn't always possible, prenatal care should ideally begin once you consider starting or expanding your family. We recommend a preconception cleanse as part of our program that involves toxin elimination and starting a nutritional plan intended to boost fertility and create a environment conducive to conception. This will get you on the right track toward a healthy pregnancy.

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Photography by Ren'ee Kahn Bresler for Well Rounded.