We're still waiting for the official Social Security Administration list to show us what the true top baby names of 2020 were, but the folks at BabyNames.com have released the list of the most chosen baby names so far this year, based on users' favourites. The names on the girls' side may surprise you with Freya and Maeve rating highly. On the boys' side, Gabriel is making a comeback.
Here are the top baby names for 2020, according to BabyNames.com.
1 Oliver Amelia
2 Liam Charlotte
3 Theodore Aurora
4 Ethan Violet
5 Aidan Olivia
6 Benjamin Ava
7 Declan Aria
8 Gabriel Luna
9 Finn Isla
10 Elijah Hazel
11 Henry Scarlett
12 Owen Maeve
13 Caleb Nora
14 Alexander Sophia
15 Grayson Chloe
16 Sebastian Freya
17 Leo Abigail
18 Levi Audrey
19 Jasper Grace
20 Lucas Adelaide