One day you’re growing a bump and the next, you’ve got a full-blown kid with first birthday cake smeared from head-to-toe. What the heck happened in between? Chances are it’s totally a blur—unless of course, you’ve kept up with their baby book.

Yes, it can easily become one more thing to stress over. But the truth is, there’s no family heirloom that’s more special (or more entertaining!) than a baby album. Everyone in the family will cherish it for years to come and there are plenty out there that don’t make creating it a monumental task.

From traditional baby scrapbooks you can customize to five-minute-a-day journals, we’ve rounded up some of the best baby memory books that won’t end up blank and dusty when you pull it out for wedding toast inspiration.

Best Baby Books

Kate Spade Baby's First Year Keepsake Book

Kate Spade


Baby's First Year Keepsake Book

Cheery and colorful, this hardcover book from Kate Spade is the perfect intersection of playful and sophisticated. Record their monthly milestones (along with a monthly photo), height and weight from monthly check-ups and all the important firsts. There’s even a page with envelopes and cards to write letters they’ll cherish years down the road.

Artifact Uprising The Story of You

Artifact Uprising


The Story of You

Artifact Uprising creates some of the most gorgeous museum-quality mementos that instantly become family treasures. They’re a go-to for photo prints, vacation albums and yes, a best-selling baby book. The binder-style book comes with a pen, adhesive for photos and treasures and a free set of Everyday Prints to get rolling. The thick pages provide thoughtful prompts and space for milestones and if you have more to add (or you know, change a name or something down the line 😉 ) you can purchase additional pages to slide right in.

And because the fun doesn’t end after year one, Artifact Uprising just released The Story of You: The Early Years book to document years 1-5. Choose from the same sophisticated color palette to create a luxe collection of timeless treasures.

Prices start at $99.

Chronicle Books Mom's One Line A Day

Chronicle Books


Mom's One Line a Day Five Year Memory Book

​The baby book overwhelm is real, friends. If the thought of filling pages with every little detail makes your head swim, this simple book has you covered. As part of the One Line a Day series, each daily diary page allows for an entry for five successive years. With a five-minute daily journaling practice, you can create a priceless keepsake for yourself and your child.

Peachly Hello Baby Book



Unisex Baby Book

Simple, open-ended and inclusive of all kinds of families, the modern baby book from Peachly crafts your little one’s story without forcing a narrative that doesn’t fit. Not only is there plenty of space for all the memorable moments, but the gender-neutral language is super refreshing. Inside the linen cover you’ll find 60 spiral bound pages that cover milestones from birth through age five with places to include photos of various sizes. There’s also an envelope for mementos like a lock of hair or hospital bracelet.

Promptly Journal



Childhood History Journal

The linen-wrapped Childhood History Journals from Promptly are a family heirloom in the making. Perhaps the most thorough option on our list, their 254-page memory books are perfect for mamas who want to chronicle all of the important motherhood moments but doesn’t think she has the time. Each journal is filled with short, easy prompts, making it easy to document all the little moments from birth all the way through age 18.


Paper Peony Press The Baby Book

Paper Peony Press


The Baby Memory Book

This modern memory book takes you all the way from pregnancy through the first five years of your little one’s life with sweet prompts and places to record all easy-to-forget moments. And since its gorgeous linen cover with gold foil text makes it almost too pretty to tuck away, you won’t have to worry about neglecting it! Charming illustrations accompany pages to jot down their family tree and information about the world on the day they were born and a spiral binding makes it easy to use.

Uncommon Goods Baby Keepsake Library

Uncommon Goods


Baby Keepsake Library

From their hospital bracelet to that first lock of hair, there are so many baby keepsakes to cherish. This library-style cloth-covered organizer features one side for chronicling all the important moments while the other side provides space to keep all the most special things in one place for years to come.

The Short Years Baby Book

The Short Years


Baby Book

Analog meets digital with this convenient baby book that builds itself in just five minutes per week. Start by receiving the hardcover book filled with chapter cover pages and a hands and feet pages to take to the hospital. Through weekly prompts from their app you upload a photo and answer a couple questions about milestones and special moments. Each time you complete three chapters in the app, they print and ship the pages to you. Easy-peasy.

Rag & Bone Bindery Personalized Baby's First Book

Rag & Bone Bindery


Personalized Baby's First Book Zodiac Stars

It’s hard to choose a favorite style from Rhode Island-based Rag & Bone Bindery. The company, which has been artfully crafting heirloom-quality albums and journals since 1990, offers illustrated and simple covers with ribbon binding that can be personalized with your baby’s name and birthdate (and in this case, zodiac sign!) But what we really love is the inclusive personalization on the inside. Choose from language that reflects mom and dad, two moms, two dads, mom + me, and adoption. Because not every story starts with “When mom and dad first met…”.

Lucy Darling Rainbow Baby Book

Lucy Darling


Rainbow Baby Book

If darling illustration is your weakness, good luck resisting the baby books from the aptly named Lucy Darling . Their “simple book of firsts” feature fun, on-trend designs (like whales and florals) and make it easy to capture all the special memories without spending hours you don’t have. There’s a great balance of prompts alongside space to freestyle and colorful illustrations throughout. And while it’s hard to pick a favorite, we do love this style which is perfect for rainbow babies. ❤️