5. The peekaboo big sister pic

Our bodies are truly amazing, in every sense of the word. We have the ability to create and grow a human inside of us. It's wild! Our bodies transform into their first cozy home, prepping them for life outside the womb. So, basically, what we're trying to say is: Our bodies ROCK.

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3. The use-your-belly-as-a-tray photo

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10. The silhouette portrait

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Ladies, you and your #babybumps are fabulous! Thanks for sharing your special moments with #TeamMotherly.

8. The bare bump snap

2. The bumpin' it at work selfie

9. The fit bump shot

6. The restful mama shot

7. The cradling-your-bump photo

1. The 'past my due date' selfie (40 weeks + 5 days)

4. The fancy mirror selfie