You’re expecting another baby—congratulations, mama! As you bust out all the old baby gear and begin the search for the perfect name for your little one, you’re probably wondering how to announce your sweet news. First and foremost, we say: do it however and whenever you want. If you want to tell your friends and family the day you see that positive plus sign, go for it, mama! If you’d rather keep your pregnancy under wraps until you’re farther along, that is just as wonderful. This is your news to share—however and whenever you’re ready.

If you’re looking for ideas on creatively announcing your happy news, we’ve got you covered.

Every superhero needs a sidekick!

We can’t get enough of this one. Have your older child dress up like their favorite superhero, just waiting on a new sidekick.

Only child expiring…

Have your older child playfully pose with a sign that reads, “Only child expiring…” and include your little one’s due date.

Include your favorite sports team

Sports are important to many families. For a fun photo, incorporate your favorite team—including a tiny jersey for your future athlete.

Leveled up

Got a gamer in the family? Get your older child a “leveled up” shirt for your announcement.


Spell out the happy news with gorgeous balloons like these.

Does this shirt make me look like a big sister?

Spell out your news with a fun saying like, “Does this shirt make me look like a big sister?”

One more to adore

If your older child is camera-shy, using the phrase ‘one more to adore’ lets the world know that you’re about to be a mama of two.

Surround yourself with balloons

This happy announcement uses balloons and the fun phrase, “We are expanding” to let friends and family in on the news.

Spell it out

Spell out your announcement. This beach-loving family did it at the beach with sand.

Matching clothes

We love the idea of matching clothes, especially for siblings who are close in age!

Wear a sweet sweater

If it’s cool enough where you live, have your older child rock a custom sweater with the great news.

Big sister lessons

How cute: Grab some crayons and a blackboard to show off your older child starting their big sibling lessons.

Bun in the oven

Got a bun in the oven? Let your mini-baker help you announce the sweet news.

Include your fandom

Are you a fan of Disney? Star Wars? Doctor Who? Find a fun way to include your family’s favorite fandom in the announcement.

I’ve got the scoop…

Here’s a sweet way to announce the happy news! Your older child will be sure to smile ear-to-ear while eating ice cream.

Use the ultrasounds!

Get a photo of both of your babies by showing your older child holding your ultrasound pictures.

Capture the moment you tell your older child

When you tell your older child that he’s about to be a big brother, have a photographer on hand to capture that sweet moment.

Matching bellies

Here’s a sweet way to include your older child: show off your bellies together.

Announce it with a shirt

Include your older child in the announcement with a fun big brother or big sister shirt.

Spell it out

Have a letter board in the house? Spell out your happy news with your older child. Too sweet!

Oops They Did It Again…

Are you and your partners big Britney fans? Grab a shirt or onesie that reads, “Oops they did it again.”

Custom jacket

Not a fan of custom tees? We love the look of this “Big Bro” jacket.